Congrats to Finland that became the World Champions of ice-hockey today! For those who don’t know, I was born Finnish, but grew up in Sweden. I’ve been watching the games live on the computer this past week. Was going to watch today too when Finland played Canada, but couldn’t see it anywhere. Panic! My sister in Sweden was on WhatsApp filming her TV and we were yelling & cheering for Finland together. Sooo exciting and when there was like 30 sec left and we thought Finland had the gold for sure, Canada makes it 3-3 F*********CK! Time was added, but hey, why did we even doubt, FINLAND WON!!!!! I’m exhausted now!

This past week started with me going to the dentist on Monday night to remove a tooth in the back of my mouth. I really don’t like the dentist, but they got rid of the tooth fast and painlessly even though I cried the whole time like a wimp. Funniest part is when I was waiting for the main dentist who removes teeth and he and his assistant enter the clinic rolling a suitcase each. Like dentists on the go hahahaaaa…

Being a Finn means that I’m not just pale, I’m see through. Does not look so hot in photos I think, so decided I’ll go try a spray tan here. I usually apply a self tanner foam on myself, but a spray tan is faster and more even. Well, I’m standing naked in the room waiting for the person who’s going to spray me to enter. I look for the machine but don’t see it. Turns out this ‘spray tan’ was a girl applying a self tanner on me for 30 min. A bit weird, me naked and us trying to communicate with my Spanglish. She barely reached up to my boobs and thought I might be a couple of shades lighter from the boobs up hahhaaaa… First & last time visiting that salon.

Shooting a bunch…

And some other shots with more clothing…

I like this shirt, what you think?

Worked on some new clothing… Are you familiar with the quote “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out…”?

Oh, and if you want to watch something weird, but so funny if you share my type of humor, watch Robot Chicken on HBO.

Gonna finish my coffee now and wrap this blog post up. Tonite I will celebrate Finland’s gold with a shot or two 🙂 Shooting a lot next week, going to try a new hair salon, hopefully receiving some clothing samples, removing stitches after the tooth removal… What you gonna be up to?

Leaving you with pics of this beautiful Rottweiler. Grew up with 2 and they are my favorite dogs!

Kisses, Puma

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Great pictures, Puma! Glad the bothersome tooth is gone. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Thank you and same to you 🙂

XXX Puma

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