Ooops, 2 weeks flew by. I didn’t get started writing here last Sunday, and then the days just passed… But it has been good!

Went to my friend Felipe’s factory to see some Psychonaut samples and re-work some others. It’s hard to choose fabrics, colors, style etc. I’m fortunate Felipe and his people are knowledgeable and everything is of high quality. I hope that next week I will have Instagram for Psychonaut Explorer up and running and maybe even the website. #fingerscrossed

Then some shooting…

After work comes the workout! Finally feeling that I’m getting back my strength and conditioning a bit. Even though my face says differently…

Since I felt I worked hard I felt I also deserved a little getaway. This time I went to Amatlán. It’s next to Tepoztlán that I’ve visited before. Turned out that Amatlán and the Airbnb were more in the middle of the woods and not really a town with restaurants etc. But very peaceful and it was great to encounter cows outside your door 🙂

Luckily there was a neighbor who had a truck that could take me into Tepoztlán for some food and looki-looing. My favorite part was riding in the back of his truck like the locals do 🙂

Also ended up eating at the same restaurant – La Veladora, every night. It was so good that I had these shrimp tacos for starters every day!

Then I did some ‘mind altering’ and spent the day by the pool and in the hammock. Hard to explain, but I love that it feels like I’m using more/other parts of my brain while tripping. This trip didn’t include things morphing as much as it supplied delightful imagery and a lot of thinking… I love being a Psychonaut!

Managed to get myself into town after the effects mellowed out and ate more shrimp tacos 🙂 Then found this cool chocolate shop and bought a bag of chocolates. Got a ride back and sat in the hottub in the middle of the night with some candles and music.

No trip is complete without some bikini pics!

I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Really liked it out there. Except maybe for all the big bugs and ants that I’m freaked out by. Just look at the 2 hollowed out and dried up bugs I found on a tree!!! Oh, and managed to trap a huge spider in a glass and take it out safely. Wish I would’ve taken a pic, but the stress levels when handling that giant spider was enough!

It’s Pride weekend here and at the gym they had a some performances one night…

Now going to hit a cafe for some more coffee and work. I’m very excited for Wednesday this week. Going to shoot with a girl I’ve ‘known’ only on Instagram for some time. We’ll see how it goes because our communication has been done with Google translate hahahaaa… Maybe we get busy doing other stuff than talking 😉

Hugs, Puma

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Great pictures, Puma!


Fantastic week!
Looks like a beautiful place Amatlán. Never seen that type of bug in my life.
I recommend you to visit Cuernavaca. You will love it.
Have a great start of the week my best Psychonaut! 🙂

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