Had to recover yesterday. Girls night got wild the night before 🙂 I decided I was only going to drink beer since shots & cocktails tend to make me go loco. It all went well until we hit the club and someone held a shot in front of me. Then there was a plant that I turned into whips and some other decorations that I got hold of. We had to pay some damage fees and then we partied on. Fun night out and everyone got home in one piece #winning 🙂

Made my friend Tanya model some Psychonaut wear. Yes, the website is still in the works and I’m trying to grow some balls to at least launch the Instagram. I’m rewriting the text and deciding on pics, but it’s all just procrastination. I just need to get it going…

There was also an art gallery night that we went to last week. Pretty cool stuff. I love art galleries and always make it a priority to visit one when in a new city or country.

Also got some pics from the photographer I shot with a couple of weeks ago. Love these pics.

Then the randomness… Me waking up, working, a guy hanging out outside my kitchen window & a couple of cute dogs I ran into 🙂

Lots of stuff to do & finish this week. Off to LA on Sunday wohoooo 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Carly Simon sang about “Anticipation”. It’s keeping me ! *grin*
Loved all of the pictures!

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