As soon as I had jet lag somewhat in control, me and my sister packed our backpacks and took a train up to the northern parts of Sweden – Vålådalen, for some hiking. We arrived in the afternoon, so we spent the night and had a sauna, hot tubbing and dinner.

We grabbed some breakfast to go the next morning and headed out on the trail. Beautiful morning and we decided we wanted to enjoy breakfast out in the nature instead of indoors. Felt pretty good to get the 11 kg backpack off my back for a bit too 🙂

The first day was supposed to be a 13 km hike. We decided to take a little detour which added 5 km. This was to check out the ‘pyramids’ that are like sandhills and supposedly dates back from the ice age. Not sure I was that impressed. But it was also a perfect nap, coffee break and eat a snack spot there.

Reloaded on energy we hiked the last kilometers and finally spotted the cabin where we spent our first night. No running water, electricity or wifi. BUT, they had a sauna and after you ‘showered’ by hanging up a bucket of water and turning a tap on it. Perfect!

The second day of hiking was about 16 km. Beautiful day out and only caught some rain the last 20 min of hiking. The cabins have a rooms to dry stuff in, but we fired up our fireplace in our room and dried up.

Third day was mostly hiking on plains between mountains with great views.

My sis and I obviously hike in style, so when we found a nice spot, we popped a mini bottle of Champagne 🙂

We been told that, in the end of our 3rd day hike, we would have to wade over a strong river to get to the other side. If the river had high water levels, it could be dangerous. They showed us at the cabin how to cross it safely. Holding on and facing each other and only moving one foot at the time. We got a bit nervous, but luckily when we showed up, the water was low. There was a strong current, but we crossed safely. Obviously we popped a bottle after that 🙂

The last cabin was the nicest one. It was also the newest one cause the old one had burned down. They also had a sauna right by a river. Perfect ending to sweat in the sauna and swim in the cold water. The waters up there are so fresh that you can drink them. Perfect so you don’t have to carry too much drinking water.

Slept like babies and up at 5.30 am. We both like waking up early and you can see it wasn’t too crowded at the breakfast tables hahahaaa… The only other ones that were up were the reindeers that walked right outside the window.

Last day of hiking was about 14 km. It was so amazing to be outdoors like this and we had such a great time. But as soon as we hit the bus and the train, we passed out hahhaaaa…

A couple of more pics from somewhere up there among the mountains…

I can really recommend hiking in Sweden if you like the outdoors. If you want to find trails, info and cabins, check out They make it really easy to find options and to book. We’re planning on maybe do an other hike in September.

Time flies in Sweden and I’m squeezing as much as possible when I’m here. I will show some pics of what I’ve been up to in the next post. Now getting ready to head out to lunch with a friend. On Tuesday next week I fly to Italy. Very excited about that too 🙂

All the best to you where ever in the world you are!

Kisses, Puma

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Såg dig precis @ Hötorget 🙂


Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The spas sound wonderful!


Great pics. Having spent time in the North, I know how beautiful it is. I’m planning to visit some friends in Uppsala next summer (assuming the world hasn’t ended).
Best from Taos, NM!


Hahahhaaa –> ‘assuming the world hasn’t ended’…. Well, let’s hope not 🙂

XXX Puma

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