I sometimes have trouble planning my time and where to put my efforts. I want to do everything at the same time with no complications or hassles. I’m trying to build a Shopify site and obviously get stuck having to read manuals and tutorials. I tried to book a flight with some points and the site kept crashing. Spent about 3h total this week on the phone with support and getting transferred to different people. Finally I wrote them on Instagram and Twitter and got a call back on Friday. Worked on setting up an Instagram for Psychonaut Explorer and got every account (created 6) banned without even having the time to post anything on it. After asking around, I figured that I can’t use the word ‘Psychonaut’ because I guess it’s a forbidden word on IG. Finally have an account and I will share it as soon as I have some more stuff on it 🙂

Aaaaanyways, this week is almost done and got a bunch of stuff accomplished after all!

Shot a bunch because there can never be enough smut 🙂

Also got some touched up pics of me and Swedish Bella who I shot with in LA. Hope I run into her soon again! So damn tasty!

Worked on my Psychonaut stuff. Building the website is the hard part, but I like getting creative with the rest of the stuff…

Back at the gym. I feel weak and mobile as a shipping container. But I’m still pretty strong if you watch the video!

I was really motivated to train after watching my friends Ari & Mila compete last weekend. So much fun watching & cheering everyone on while stuffing myself with a croissant on the sidelines 🙂

Had to do something about my hair too. Got recommended a new salon 5 minutes walking from my place. This will be my spot from now on. Already booked appointments for my nails and lashes too. Everyone was so nice and the owners husband is Swedish too. She called him up while I was there and we chatted in Swedish. AND they served me beer!

I have been looking for a new Spanish teacher. Tried a guy out, but not sure he’s the one. I did get this great book after his recommendation. Muchas gracias!

I’m also reading the series of ‘Dungeon Crawler Carl’ by Matt Dinniman. Finished book 1 & 2 and now on the 3rd one. I like them a lot as they have some humor in them.

“A man. His ex-girlfriend’s cat. A sadistic game show unlike anything in the universe: a dungeon crawl where survival depends on killing your prey in the most entertaining way possible.” From Amazon.

That was pretty much my week. More training, shooting and working on the website next week.

Nos vemos, Pumacita 🙂

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Great picture, Puma! And IG is very fussy on things (more so at times than their “owner”).
Have a great week! Adios!


👌👌 as always

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