Last weekend I walked to Polanco and strolled around. This month they’re celebrating Independence Day in Mexico. What I love about Mexico and Mexicans is that they take celebrations seriously. There are flags and decorations everywhere here now. They had a huge parade with cars that people had tuned up or modified. Most of the cars were carrying flags or sombreros. They were revving their engines and people were lining the streets to watch. I was too impressed and forgot to snap more pics 🙁

Even after having lived here for a year I still discover new places. Walked by this bird sanctuary and went inside. One of my biggest dreams would be to be able to talk to animals. I have tried, believe me. Especially when tripping in nature thinking I have more brain capacity and that I should be able to attract animals. So far no luck. I tried with the parrot on the bench, but he didn’t give a shit about me hahahaaa…

I was also prepping for my birthday coming up next week…

Finally got a table at Masala & Maiz. It’s a Mexican/Indian fusion restaurant and super popular. Someone told me that they been asked to be featured in a book about the 50 best restaurants in Mexico and they declined. They just didn’t want the attention and they’re already fully booked. AND the food was supergood. Also drank some organic wine that’s been processed naturally and tasted more like cider without the carbonation.

Sabrina came over and we had some fun 🙂 Took her and her husband to my favorite taco stand around the corner for some fancy dining 🙂 There was a constant stream of people coming and asking for a photo with her.

Went to a birthday party…

Got new flashy claws…

Not sure what I’ll do for my birthday yet, but I have some ideas. The next day I’m flying to Sweden to celebrate some more. My nephew has his birthday the same day as me and a friend is having a huge birthday party as well.

That is all 🙂 Gonna head out for some coffee now and read. Almost done with the 3rd book of ‘Dungeon Crawler Carl’… If you have good reading recommendations, please write a comment. Always looking for good new reads!

I’ll leave you with this video which I think is pretty funny…

Hugs, Puma

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Looks like you had a great time! Love the dress and nails!
And it is a bit early but- Feliz cumpleaños!


Thank you so much :))


Mexico looks amazing. I really need to go some day soon

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