I popped by Sweden again for 10 days. Intense to say the least. I arrived a few days after my birthday so my sister welcomed me with this 🙂 Arrived late so we popped a bottle and went to bed.

Then it was time to celebrate my friend Katrin’s birthday. She doesn’t do mellow or believe in ‘less-is-more’, so the party was wild!

Barely had time to recover before it was time to head up north hiking with my sister again. Took the night train up so we could sleep and arrive fresh. I love the bunk beds!

Arrived in the morning and downed some breakfast, coffee, and off we went. Beautiful fall colors and the weather was a mix of cloudy, sunny, hot and cold. Clothes came off and clothes were put back on… Distance hiked 16km.

We stayed at Sylarna Fjällstation the first night. We have stayed there before and had pre-booked their dinner buffet. Pretty great views out of the cabin when eating and relaxing. Oh, and they have a sauna too so we hit that before passing out.

Next morning we had their breakfast buffet and the waffles were soooo good!

Then off hiking to Norway. We were told that we should’ve collected a key to the cabin in Norway since there would be no staff there at this time of the year. The cabins on the Swedish side should have them too, but this one was out. We emailed the support where we made our reservation and hoped there would be other people booked at the location that could let us in. One key works at all the cabins in all of Norway. Fingers crossed and off we went… Ice on the water in the morning, but the sun was warm…

Wohooo, finally reached the border to Norway. There was only this fence and a gate that you opened and tied closed. Hello Norway!

There was this tiny hut and we decided to take a coffee & snack break. After all, we reached Norway. Pretty cool…

While taking a break, we also had phone reception so we decided it was best to call about our reservation. Didn’t tempt us too much to hike another 10km and then be locked outside with no proper gear. The lady said there were no other reservations made, so there was a pretty big chance we’d not be able to get in. We decided it was best to turn around and alter our planned route. And back to Sweden we hiked…

A bit of a #fail, but who cares when you got beautiful landscapes, sun, champagne and coffee. My whole family has always been able to nap whenever and wherever. My sister proving it by falling asleep on a pile of rocks hahahaaa…. Distance hiked 16km.

We spent another night at Sylarna Fjällstation. Next morning there was a bunch of reindeers right outside the window while we were eating breakfast. Spotting a white reindeer is supposed to mean luck 🙂

We then took off towards Blåhammaren Fjällstation.

It’s a 19km hike and the last part is all uphill. It feels pretty good when you finally reach the cabin. And to know you have a 3-course dinner booked 🙂 But first some beer and a sauna.

The dinner was super good and the main course was reindeer. I was so hungry I didn’t even have time to take a pic of the food hahahaa…

Pretty much put my head on the pillow and slept like 5 seconds later. The last day we hiked back to Storulvåns Fjällstation (12km) where you take the bus to the train station. We had booked the night train again. Arrived back in Stockholm at 5am the next morning.

Didn’t have time for much more than eating some meatballs and hanging out with friends and family before it was time to head back to Mexico. Until next time Sweden!

Been working my ass off since I got back to Mexico. Got a couple of friends over from the US now too and we’re shooting a lot of stuff for an upcoming NFT project. All that for the next post. Considering hitting the gym now after a couple of night of debauchery 🙂 Then more shooting and dinner later. What are you up to this weekend? Oh, if you need a great series to watch, check out Taboo with Tom Hardy. Pretty dark & gory…

Catch you later 🙂

XXX Puma

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Those were some beautiful pictures! Looks like a beautiful area up there.
I know my friend Laura was headed to Mexico but not sure if was going to be in your area.
Enjoy your weekend! Looking forward to your next adventure.


Hahahaaa, yes, hanging with Laura. Stuff getting weird LOL… Wait until I can share some footage 🙂 Have a great weekend too!

XXX Puma


Thank you for being such an inspiration to live life to its fullest here and now and not later.


Thank you and I’m doing my best to experience as much as possible 🙂

Hugs, Puma


Very jealous of the party and the hike. Both look super-fun.

I loved Norway when I was there. Sweden is very high on my list of places to see. Love that part of the world


Hi Puma,
Got here from Wikipedia. I am surprised to find that it’s your hiking stories I’m excited about! Just been in Göteborg, Sweden seems to be in my mind a lot nowadays (and you are an important part of this).

You are gorgeous, as always.

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