I often take lsd or mushrooms in various dosages. I personally believe in the benefits of these substances and expanding the mind. I also think there is huge difference betweens psychedelic ‘medicine’, and drugs like cocaine that doesn’t offer you anything beneficial other than sobering up or feeling great at the moment. Same thing with alcohol really. It’s widely accepted for people to get drunk, and consider how many lives are affected and ruined by it. I research, read a lot, and have great respect for psychedelics. I don’t write this as an encouragement, just sharing my opinions and experiences.

I know a native Mexican guy here who has a lot of experience in this field and has published studies about different medicines and psychedelics. I have been curious for a long time about DMT and he facilitated a Changa ceremony for me and a friend.

https://psychedelicspotlight.com/ says this about the Changa – ‘Changa is a smokeable mixture containing the psychoactive substance dimethyltryptamine (DMT).’

I felt relaxed the morning of the ceremony. Only drank water and didn’t eat anything. We met at 10am and talked about the ceremony. We first got some rapé that had a very calming effect. It is blown through a pipe up in your nose.

Image and text by https://vse-o-tattoo.ru/

Rape is a “sacred tobacco” used by shamans in the Amazon region. It is also known as Hapay or Hapi. The ancient Mayan and Inca cultures used rapé in their rituals. For what purpose? It was believed that in this way they could connect with the Great Spirit and draw energy from it, called Yushibu (the power of creativity and creation).

Then we lied down and got some eye drops from a plant that grows by a river in the Amazons. That was the hardest part. It stings so bad and you were not allowed to rub your eyes. It got better and passed in about 2-3min. I believe this part of the ceremony has something to do with the river water somehow transporting the spirits inside your body. Not 100% sure since it was a lot to take in…

Then there was the protection of tobacco blown over our bodies. Also rubbing our arms and belly with some powder. Then holding hands and asking for the spirits to guide the way. Then it was time to smoke the Changa he had prepared for us. He blows the smoke through a glass pipe and you inhale, hold it down and breathe it out. On my 3rd inhale everything in the room started to morph heavily. After the 4th inhale I immediately felt like I had to close my eyes and lie down. He then placed a cloth over our eyes. It’s hard to describe it to make sense. I saw a native Indian chief at first. Then moving mandalas. Then came the spirits that felt ancient and mixed with different animals. They surrounded me and it was so very beautiful. I wasn’t scared, but it felt intense. Then it started to lose its’ strength and the visuals became less and less. I started crying. Not out of sadness, more like a relief. I think it all lasted for about 5 minutes. It was such a powerful experience and I spent the rest of the day just relaxing and thinking about what was shown to me… I am convinced I will do it again.

I will make another blog post about other stuff I did last week too 🙂 Just feel that this one deserved it’s own post.

XXX Puma

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It sounds intriguing. Not sure I could do it having seizure disorder, however.


Yeah, I probably wouldn’t try it either if I had seizures… All the best to you 🙂

XXX Puma


The first psychedelic I ever did was DMT – perhaps not the drug for a novice, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. A major trip that lasted about 30 minutes, like having your brain mounted on the top of a Saturn V rocket. “Going UUUPPPPPPP!”

I was 12 in 1966, but I’ve met several people who were at Golden Gate Park on the last day acid was legal in California. The Grateful Dead played, and The Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver
Messenger Service, etc. etc.

Maybe 100,000 people, all blazing away on acid at the perfect time, at the perfect place…

Love and pastries,


Daaaamn, I can’t even imagine how you must’ve felt!!! I felt I was pretty prepared and knew what to expect when doing Changa. Still it was so much more intense than lsd or shrooms.

If I could visit a place in time, it would be SF during the time acid was legal. Bet it must’ve been fun times and probably could’ve met with some interesting people!

Love, Puma

“Intense” doesn’t even come close. The only thing I’ve ever done that (sort of) compared to the DMT experience was once when I sat in the back seat of an F-14 launched off an aircraft carrier.

Really too bad that I didn’t have some DMT to smoke before I got in the F-14…

One further memory of the Bay Area in the 60s:

In the summer of 1967 – The Summer Of Love – my mom and I went up to San Francisco for a week. One night, we were eating in a restaurant, and somehow we got into a conversation with a local guy (some sort of engineer, as I recall), and he took us over to The Haight-Ashbury.

By ’67, the scene in The Haight had exploded into this national craziness; kids and adults from all over the country were hanging out there, trying on new attitudes and lifestyles and drugs. The psychedelic thing had really begun in about 1963, with Ken Kesey and others, but it was very esoteric, mostly artists and musicians, until the worldwide press had gotten ahold of it.

So there we were, walking around in this totally wild… THING. The most amazing people, with outrageous costumes. I remember the fragrance of pot, and even moreso, the pungent scent of patchouli. Suddenly, everything was in color, where before it was in black and white.

You really should have been there.



Jätteintressant läsning!


Tack 🙂

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