Sooo, other than doing the Changa ceremony a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a Mexican ‘Día de Muertos’ celebration in Xochimilco. Like Halloween, but more about celebrating the dead than costumes and candy 🙂 We started by having some food and drinks in this tent in the middle of the farm fields.

There was an ofrenda and you could place photos of people or pets that have passed. An ofrenda is like an altar that you place the photos there so the dead can pass through from the other side and visit. You also place things they liked there too like chocolate, drinks, etc. People sang songs and we could then talk or send greetings to our dead. Very beautiful…

We also got these carved pumpkins to light up. Then we went to their field for flowers and got to pick some to places on graves.

After, we took very shallow boats through canals to the cemetery. I think they usually transport their crops on these boats. These pics are in color, but they look like black & white photos. Such eerie light. Very Halloweenie like 🙂

After like 20 min on the water we docked and walked to the cemetery. Wow, one of the coolest and most beautiful sights I’ve seen. So many flowers and lights. People sitting by the graves eating and playing songs the dead used to like. It wasn’t sad, more like a celebration of the ones that passed to the other side. Some graves didn’t have anything on them so we placed our flowers on them…

Very happy I got to see this and I think I will go visit a graveyard here each Halloween… And speaking about ofrendas. Someone had made this one for their dogs, fish & turtles on the side of a walkway. Love it!

Had to put in some work too. Don’t mind me, I’m just being sleazy over here…

Working on the gains too. They’re just not happening fast enough… Or at all?

Some work on Psychonaut Explorer too. And these t-shirts are hopefully ready this month. My favorite ingredients for some enlightenment LOL…

Then I got invited to an event for Guess and Marciano. Dyana who owns the hair salon where I do pretty much all my beautifications like hair, nails and lashes. She was sponsoring the event so I got to go and tag along. Luxury to get pimped out at the salon first. And to have Champagne before 8am. Suits me just fine…

Some beautifications require stronger means and went to get Botox with a friend. Friends that do Botox together, stay together 😉

I went to a private house concert. If I could add another talent to my already vast library of talents (maybe a joke), it would be to sing or play drums.

They have a lot of meet-ups here in the city. Everything from partying, ladies groups, hiking, selling things etc. Yesterday one of them invited who-ever-wants-to-come to a picnic in one of the parks. Decided to go and check it out and it was great. Met some really nice people. Some of us also went and checked out an art exhibition close by…

My favorite thing to do now is to cuddle with Hunter. He is just so sweet and has settled in just fine. He talks, eats and sleeps a lot 🙂 Even able to have the balcony door open and we like to relax out there together 🙂

That’s about it. I leave you with some giant blueberries and a Hulk-like me 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday and grab next week by the nuts & lips 😉

Kisses Puma

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Those were some wonderful pictures, Puma. The ofrenso pictures minded me of the movie “Encanto”.
And you, querida, are nowhere near sleazy. You are a beautiful woman and you show it off. Nothing wrong with that.
Looking forward to your next post.


Aaaaw, thank you so much 🙂
Have a great week!

XXX Puma

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