Hope all of my American readers had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I think we were 5 gringos (I count myself since I’m a US citizen) and the rest being Mexicans, British, Colombians, Ecuadorian and Argentinians. Fun night and I managed not to party too hardy πŸ™‚

Also had my vajayjay checked for cancer. The correct term actually being having a pap smear. I’m very comfortable going to the gynecologist and this lady was superchill. I even asked if it was OK for me to film and take pics and she happily posed along while digging in hahhaaaa… And she also did an ultrasound to check the ‘interior’ and luckily there was no baby found πŸ˜‰

Hunter also had to go to the veterinarian for his private parts. I felt so bad to take him in knowing they were going to take his balls πŸ™ But everyone recommended me to do the procedure. He also has had some ‘episodes’ that to me felt like anxiety. Hoping it was all hormones and testosterone. I have now also put a collar with some calming scent on him and he has been chill and relaxed.

OK, while I’m at it, a couple more pics of Hunter. Poor guy wasn’t too impressed with me trying to dress him in a mini sombrero. Tried to tell him it was all for Mexico and to support them against Argentina in yesterday’s football match. Our support obviously didn’t matter since MEX lost 0-2.

Work has been good and fun πŸ™‚

Did an interview for Shoutout Colorado a while back and it’s out now. Wanna read it, check out https://shoutoutcolorado.com/meet-puma-swede-psychonaut/

Working on some new pieces for Psychonaut Explorer and Hunter is my sidekick when updating the website…

It was time to boost the color of my hair too…

I have a new favorite spot in town – Marne Panaderia. I’m actually sitting there now writing this. They have amazing French Toast and superb coffee!

l have read a lot and will try to put together a post of some recommendations. When not reading I watch White Lotus season 2, very good. The Industry season 2 is also great. Last one – The Peripheral, very interesting as I think we’ll see and start experiencing more virtual reality in the near future. And then I microdosed on some acid to reset for a new week πŸ™‚

OK, done now. Going to order another coffee and get some more work done πŸ™‚ Stay amazing!

XXX Puma

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Glad you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving. Glad you cat was a good sport with the sombrero and his surgery.
Loved the photo montage!
Have a good week! Lou xo


Thank you Lou and have a fantastic week as well πŸ™‚

Hugs, Puma


Greetings from Canada. I just discovered your blog. You’re awesome!

– Nick


Thank you and welcome Nick πŸ™‚

XXX Puma

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