I got some leftovers from 2022 that I thought I’d share.

Got back from San Francisco last week. It was a great trip and fun to be back in my old hoods. I lived there for a year. When it was time to land at SFO I look out of the window and there’s a plane pretty damn close to our plane. Never seen that before. And when we start to go down and are about to land, our plane just speeds up and takes off again. The captain announced that it was crowded on the landing strip. No shit. I think the Southwest plane beat us lol…

First thing I did was to meet up with Patricia and her doggie. I met her at the crossfit gym when I lived in Mountain View. She is Mexican and has the same humor as me – nothing being off limits. So the day I met her at the gym, we are holding ourselves up in a pull up position for as long as we can on the bars. She looks over at me and says: “This reminds me when me and my family climbed the wall over from Mexico to the US”. I just crack up and had to let go of the bar. “Beat ya’ blondie” she says and kept hanging on the bar hahahaaa…

All of a sudden while we’re eating we hear a engine revving and a loud noise. Turns out this lady hit the gas a bit too hard and ended up in the mid section of the road. We talked to her and she was fine…

I hit all my favorite coffee spots while in town. Verve, Wreckingball, and Ritual being a couple of them.

Excited to get my mouth on some Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream and getting a selfie with my favorite Elf who was in the neighbourhood.

Santa was nice this year too. Or maybe it’s just me who was nice and got rewarded 🙂 A pic of me and the ugliest wrapped Xmas gift. But it’s the inside that matters, right?

Got some coffee too, Puma socks and so excited about the Meta VR set. I think VR is amazing and if you have any cool tips on what to play or experience on there, please let me know. I do have Resident Evil but I got stuck at the first door cause I couldn’t figure out how to open it hahahaaa…

That was about it from SF. Before I left I was invited to another Guess event by my friend Dyana. Why can’t I do my hair like this on my own???

I also put together a small Swedish pre-Christmas celebration. I made meatball sandwiches with ‘rödbetssallad’ which is beet salad, some cured salmon with this sweet mustard from IKEA, and this amazing Daim cake.

Had some friends in town and we went to see the Teotihuacan pyramids. I had no idea about the history behind them. Someone said there are some documentaries about them and I want to see that. If I remember correctly they built these to be positioned after the stars. In the first photo on the 3rd row you can see how they apparently messed up the positioning of the building. They then just rebuilt a new structure on top of the messed up one with correct positioning. Very cool and if you visit Mexico, go see them.

You didn’t think I forgot to work did you?

And working out… Or checking how my mobility is 🙂 This could maybe be useful in other places than the gym hehheee…

Good thing I got more Puma socks cause Hunter likes to represent LOL…

Ok, time to move over to 2023! Have a fantastic week!

XXX Puma

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Loved the leftover pictures! Hope you have a great 2023!

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