I’m so happy! Last week I finally picked up the t-shirts and pants that I produced here. They are so comfy and made out of the softest materials. Since I want everyone to have a chance to feel and wear these, I’m doing a GIVE AWAY on Instagram. You can win 2 t-shirts. One for you and your buddy, because you’re an awesome friend, right?

All you have to do is go to my Instagram for the clothes –> @pussitive_

  1. Like the Give Away post.
  2. Tag the amazeballs friend of yours who’d love this shirt.
  3. You both need to follow @pussitive_

Easy as that.

And if you just feel – ‘Naaah, I’m rich’ just go buy one right here –> https://psychonautexplorer.com/products/peace-out-t-shirt

Here is the other t-shirt –> https://psychonautexplorer.com/products/psychonaut-t-shirt

What do you think?

Kisses, Puma

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I love the merchandise, Puma. I just have to find a friend of mine who will follow that other IG of yours.
I hope this is a great success.

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