Mostly work this past week. Yesterday I had a day off with nothing planned and I felt lost. I was bored and in a bad mood. Felt like I was wasting a day. But when I try to think of what I wanted to do, nothing came to mind. Ended up reading most of the day and then watching the series Yellowjackets. Made me realize I need to ‘practice’ relaxing… Also, that reading is never a waste of time.

Finally got the new pants put up on the website. They are so damn comfy. I could live in velour!

Then there was a birthday celebration for a friend. Had to dress up in something else other than comfy velour pants 🙂

Then the usual…

My best napping buddy. Sometimes we nap on the balcony and sometimes on the couch. He sleeps in bed with me, but somehow Hunter developed a habit of waking up between 6.30 and 7am. A liiitle too early for my preference, but now I’m almost used to it 🙂

Today I finally booked my trip to Patagonia and I feel so excited about going. I’m going the week after the next, to an area called Bariloche. Will also stay a couple of days in Buenos Aires. I will try to get in as much time hiking and in nature as possible. Looking at places to stay now and I want to stay close to the water. Woop woop!

Here’s a photo dump of me at the hair salon (again), the gym, a cute Rottweiler (I grew up with 2 of them) and the series ‘The Last of Us’ being promoted here. I watched 2 episodes and not sure if I’ll keep watching. Really enjoying Yellowjackets and last night I watched couple of episodes of ‘The Other Two’ and it’s pretty funny,

Going to a small house concert tonight, but plan to be well behaved so I can have a productive week before taking off to Argentina 🙂

All the best to you, Puma

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Sounds like it was a productive week. Enjoy your upcoming trip.


Thank you and have a great week 🙂

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