I planned to write this post earlier, but time flew by. So here’s the last of Argentina. What I loved about Bariloche was that it’s always close to the water and there are many beaches. This beach, and I believe all beaches in Bariloche, are with stones. Beautiful to walk along the water and I’m obviously repping my Psychonaut Explorer attire. This beach is called Playa Las Bombas and is just outside the main town.

There is a huge national park called Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi by lake Gutiérrez. From there, there are several shorter hikes you can also hike to. Refugio Frey is a popular hut nearby. One day we hiked up to the look-out spot and enjoyed the views. There is also a popular beach there so I took a little siesta there after 🙂

My favorite short hike was the one from the park to Playa Muñoz. Easy trail and about a 2h hike to get to the beach. It’s a perfect reward when you finally spot the beach. If you have to pick one day trip in Bariloche, go here! Bring a picnic and spend a day…

And where to eat in Bariloche? If I’d go back, I’d pretty much eat all my meals at these 4 restaurants. I already mentioned the restaurant Montana Grill House. Went back and ate filet Mignon and a hamburger again. Perfect!

For a quicker meal, the food truck La Cabrona. Sometimes there were two trucks, sometimes only one. The roast beef sandwich was the best!

For healthier options, the restaurant Chimi in town. Superfresh food, juices, and the desserts were some of the best! Oh, and they did have this cool Puma mural in the back 🙂

And the top notch place for steaks – Alto El Fuego. It’s in town and super popular. I ate filet Mignon there both times and it was just soooooo good. A must!

My favorite coffee spots where Cafe Delirante and Jam Rock Cafe Truck. Delirante is like a big modern coffee and work spot while Jam Rock is just a truck by the road. What I liked about Jam Rock is that they added chocolate powder, which is common in Argentina, on my cappuccino. Obviously sweet and very good 🙂 Forgot to take a pic of Delirante, but that’s me reading there in yet again, a Psychonaut Explorer shirt 🙂 Shamelessly promoting hahhaaaa…

My favorite warning sign was undoubtedly this Puma sign 🙂 There were a lot of warning signs for branches breaking off. And then just me, me, and some more me 🙂

Then we had a couple of days in Buenos Aires. I got to admit that I was not that taken away by the city. For some reason I had imagined it a bit more like Spain. We did find some good stuff though. We stayed in the neighborhood Recoleta. If I’d pick where to stay now, I’d stay in Palermo. Supercute restaurants, shops, bars and coffee spots there…

Visited the the book shop El Ateno Grand Splendid. An old theater converted to a bookstore. I love book stores by the way and there are lot of book stores in Buenos Aires.

Also found a supercool perfume shop called Fueguia. Different and unique scents.

They love pizza and everyone said we got to eat a pizza at Güerrín. From the outside it didn’t look much and I thought it might be a tourist trap. But there were so many people that I got fomo! First you enter the counter for take away. Then there was like a regular room with seating. But then a girl took us through a long basement hallway and you arrived to this!

It was packed and by the time we left, the hallway was filled with people waiting to get a table. And the pizza, one of the best! Go early (they eat late like in Spain) and definitely get a pizza here!

Had some good coffee at Bicho and cafe Gutierrez.

I liked that the airbnb we stayed at had a pool on the rooftop, Felt good to relax and fry a bit in the sun 🙂

No vacation goes without a little bit of sleazing…

That concludes my Argentina adventures. The best part about coming home? Seeing and cuddling up with Hunter of course 🙂

Got a busy week and on Friday I fly to LA wohoooo 🙂 Going to a wedding, and then my sister is joining me for a few days. We’re staying with Sandy and her family, who I also consider my extra family 🙂 Very excited about this…

Have a great week!


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Thanks for sharing your incredible adventure. Loved all the photos. Enjoy your trip to LA.

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