I feel like I got a lot of good work done these 2 weeks. I’m still working on this site, but a little stuck right now. Shot some Psychonaut Explorer stuff. Recruited the beautiful Elisa to model too 🙂

Trying to cut out my own text from these rhinestone sheets. Not the smoothest thing, but I like the result…

And then showed off my modeling skills. Hello America’s Next Top model…

And then the stuff that’s been making (most) people happy since 19XX …

I was invited to a party called Bresh on Friday with Dyana. Can’t believe I used to party and after party until the next day. Now I was happy eating tacos at 3am before going to sleep not being totally f*cked up . I think it’s called getting old 🙁

Also feels good to be back at the gym. I didn’t work out while in LA, and then I was kind of sick for a week after. Damn it’s hard to get started again… ugh!

And not to forget Hunter S Thompson. I call him King of the Castle and he pretty much gets whatever he wants 🙂

Since he was living in the woods before I got him, I think he might of hurt his back legs at some point. He kind of just leaves them ‘hanging’ and the just plays with the front legs. Sometimes I also suspect he just might be a little lazy…

I found an awesome doctor here in Mexico City. He treats my shallow spider-veins on the legs with laser and injections. Tiny bit painful, but as we say in Swedish – vill man vara får man lida pin!

Other than this stuff I got a hair treatment, chilled in the park, and enjoyed some morning coffee in bed 🙂

Tonight I’m going to see the new John Wick movie. Also looking to plan a trip to Puerto Escondido. Everyone here says it is beautiful there and I miss the beach! And if anyone here has done overnight and multi day hiking in Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway or Finland, hit me up with recommendations please 🙂

Now, go on and have a great day!

XXX Puma

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I have no idea why I am suggesting you a movie just based on the title, but “Puerto Escondido” was a movie by an Italian director, Gabriele Salvatores, who also won an Oscar for “Mediterraneo”. No idea you if you might like, it but I feel like mentioning it.


Hahahaaa, why not. I just looked it up on Google and will put it on my watch list. Thank you for the tip 🙂


Great pictures! That green outfit looked fantastic on you!
I hope you get back into a gym routine.
Hope you have a great rest of your weekend and week!


Saknas ett ”fin” i citatet 🤗

Apropå Schweiz så blev jag positivt överraskad av Lugano för ett par år sedan, men jag hike:ade inte utan det var staden i sig. Skulle gärna vilja åka massa mera tåg i Schweiz med omnejd någon dag.


Skall kollas upp 🙂 Jag alskar aka tag o speciellt nar man far sova ombord. Kanske kan kora en kombo med tag & hike 🙂

Kram Puman


https://www.luontoon.fi/karhunkierros i think you love the plase… Voin lähtee oppaaks🤟


Joo, oon katsonut täta lenkkiä. Luuletko että siellä on karhuja? Joo,lähe oppaaksi varmojen vuoski 🙂

Karhut ei tuu lähelle ku pelkäävät ihmisten hajuja… Mut pienempii eläimii kyllä…and sure we some bear can find💪🏼

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