I’m the type of person who likes to have a future trip planned. A bit restless 🙂 So this week I booked my flight to Jamaica for the end of this month. Going to a special retreat there, and I think it will be amazing. Then my sister and I did a video call and booked our hike for this summer. It will be a 6 day, 5 nights hike on Kungsleden/Kings Trail up in the northern part of Sweden. Takes a bit of planning with trains, busses, flights and making sure you book each overnight hut for the right date. Really looking forward to it, and it’s our 3rd summer we’re doing this 🙂

Apart from booking these trips, it was a pretty mellow week. For some reason going to the gym this week was very hard. Felt lethargic and the work-outs felt hard. But as always, was so good after finishing! See how happy I look hahahaaa…

Then the weekly content producing. I always share the edited pics, but here’s a pic of us checking the light on the spot where we want to shoot. Almost too hot to handle LOL…

And the light was good so it ended up looking like this…

And some more shots… I love my sugar daddy t-shirt I found in a thrift store 🙂

Also a couple of pics from the shoot I did in Puerto Escondido. Made me miss the beach…

I’m not the only model in this family. Just look at Hunter’s pose!

Sorry Hunter. Here’s a couple of more of him. Also my friend came over to help me with some computer stuff, but Hunter thought it was enough work for one night and just planted himself on his computer 🙂

Sunday-funday, you up to something? I think I’m going to paint on a Psychonaut Explorer jacket I’m working on and then go to a cafe and read. Right now I’m reading the 2nd book of Joe Abercombie’s ‘The Age of Madness’ series. I read the previous trilogy before this one too and liked it a lot. It’s nice when reading a series you know the characters and can keep plowing through.

Sooo, whatever you’re up to, I wish you a happy Sunday and a great upcoming week!

XXX Puma

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Sounds like it was a good week all around. It does take the body a bit to readjust to workout routines especially after giving it some time off.
The pre shoot pictures were amazing and Hunter is such a sweetie!
Good job on getting your trips plan. When the time comes, I hope you enjoy them.
Have a great week!


I’m just relaxing in Taos, a very relaxed place. Now that the weather has turned warm, Taosenos are out and about everyplace, including our local hot springs.

There is an amazing hot spring in Sonora that you might want to check out, if you get that far north.
Looks like something built by the Romans, and it’s in the middle of nowhere.

I’m assuming your Hunter was named after Hunter Thompson; back in the ’80s I road managed a “speaking” tour for HST. Talk about Dazed and Confused…

Best wishes to you and Hunter, in your travels and everything, and remember our slogan:

“Too much of a good thing is never enough.”



I had to Google where Taos is. In New Mexico? I love hot springs and would also love to visit Sonora. Even better if things are in the middle of nowhere!

Yes, Hunter is named after Hunter S Thompson. I bet you have some incredible stories from that tour!

The slogan “Too much of a good thing is never enough.” – is so true hahahaaaa…

All the best to you and keep enjoying relaxation and warm weather 🙂


Heisan💕 millos teet uuden kirjan? Se eka oli todella päräyttävä tykkäsin… Noi sun matka jututkin on kivoja kun ite ei oo niin reissun päälle päässy… Voisit vaikka matka kirjan tehdä🙏🏼


Kiva etta pidit kirjasta 🙂 Ja kylla tekee mielli viella yks kirja paastaa. Matka kira on hyva idea. Niita vaan on niin monta. No, anna vahan miettia ja toivottavasti idea syttyy 🙂 Pian saat lukea Jamaicasta myos.

Terveisin Puma

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