…by calling over the doctor. Ate something not so bueno again. I love how easy it is to order a doctor to your house here. This guy is amazing. I’ve had other doctors over when having stomach issues and most of them just want to prescribe antibiotics and get out. This guy examines you properly and asks a lot of questions. Got some pills to restore the stomach flora and now I’m back in business 🙂

Didn’t have a lot of energy in the beginning of the week because of this. Most of my energy was flushed down the toilet LOL… But I don’t like to succumb to something annoying as diarrhea, so I went to the gym anyways. Luckily I had no accidents, but I avoided lifting too heavy hahahaaaa… How do I manage to take 3 selfies almost identical except for the tops????

I felt better after a couple of days and photos and videos had to be shot sooooo…. Just do it!

Also started working on a new shirt. I feel the message is very accurate for my upcoming Jamaica trip 🙂

On Friday my friend Dyana had an event at her hair salon and I popped by. It’s so close to my apartment so I’m always popping by there for one reason or another….

I met an awesome Colombian girl there, Liz, and yesterday I dragged her to the gym with me! We were pretty beat after.

And Hunter has found a new favorite spot to nap in… A bit risky I’d say, but maybe he likes to living on the edge 😉

I also found these great videos for cats with mice, butterflies, bees or whatever moving across the screen. He loves them and prefers to watch them while planting his ass on my computer…

Now getting dressed and heading to yoga. Next week you might not hear from me as I will be in Jamaica. Not quite sure what the schedule will be like, but I will try to relax and get some enlightenment 🙂 I’ll leave you with some more selfies and Hunter pics 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Glad you are feeling better. Food poisoning is definitely no bueno. Some medicine I take does that to my stomach, so a bit of ginger ale and light foods gets me feeling better.
Glad you got back into your routine.
Enjoy your time in Jamaica!


Yeah, the Dr told me to chill with the spicy foods for a bit hahahaa… I heard ginger ale should be good so I’ll buy some 🙂 Thanks for sharing and I think Jamaica will be awesome 🙂

Hugs, Puma


You are so hot🔥 kiva ettei vatsa oo enää kipiä… Joskus kun oikein tulista syöpi niin aamulla pyllykin on ihan tulessa. Millos tuut suomeen pitää sieni/mieli koulutusta? Mun suuri unelma ois nähdä sut livenä…


No pitaas suunitella Suomen matka 🙂 Ja nyt pysyn tulisista ruoista pois vahan aikaan hahhaaaa… Peffa pitaa huilata!

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