I’m back in Mexico after an incredible week in Jamaica at the Mycelia retreat. I have a hard time putting words to everything I experienced there. The people, jungle, the mushroom journeys… It all made quite an impression on me and I’m still processing it. 

Just this morning I cried… Not out of sadness. Just feeling very emotional and grateful. Also got a text this morning from a friend that got her results from a lump that she had examined. It was not cancer wohoooo…

I have started writing about my week in Jamaica. Hopefully post it this week. In the meanwhile I made a little video. Wish I could make it cooler with music and stuff, but my editing skills /patience with it are not top notch hahahaaa…

More to come… 

Hugs, Puma

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Glad you had a great time in Jamaica. Saw your “disco clip” on IG. Looked like a blast!

Thanks heavens that your friend’s scan turned out to be negative.

Looking forward to your post about Jamaica. Have a great week!


Yeah, had a blast dancing on my own hahhaaaa… And yes, so happy for my friend!
Hope you are fabulous and Jamaica post is in the works 🙂


Very beatiful trip video… Parempi ku folkke west ikinä👍


Oli mahtava “trippi” vai miten lie sanotaan Suomeksi 🙂

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