OK, I’m going to attempt to talk about my week in Jamaica. A short summary would be – amazing, magical, fun, and when can I go back? 

But here’s the longer version in case someone else is interested in trying a psilocybin retreat.

Before going I filled out an intake form. Questions like: ‘Are you on any medication? Any trauma in my life? Expectations?’ Etc… I personally haven’t experienced any big trauma in my life. I always trust the medicine (in this case psilocybin) to take my awareness to where it needs to go… I had a Zoom call with the facilitator Evelyn, where I could ask questions and talk about any concerns I might have. 

On Friday the 26th it was finally time to fly to Jamaica. Uber picked me up at 3am. Flight to Miami and then connecting to Montego Bay landing around 1.30pm. Long line in customs. I got picked up by Troy who runs Mycelia Retreat and Chuck, another guy participating.

We stopped and ate some jerk pork on the way. Soo tasty!

It was about a 2 hour ride from the airport to Osho Rios. We checked in at Sago Palm. We then went to the hotel Sand & Tan, what they called the ‘Sister Retreat’. Justin, another participant, joined us there. We watched the sunset and had dinner before going back and catching some sleep.

Saturday 27th

Had breakfast on my own at the hotel. Since the rest of the participants were arriving later, I walked to the beach after breakfast. On the way there I was offered free lunch, getting my hair braided, and weed hahahaa… People were really friendly and a lady I talked to walked me to the beach. For $10 you got a beach chair and umbrella… A guy on the beach offered fishing tours and snorkeling on his boat and when I kindly declined, -”But how about some weed”. I learned that everyone’s last offer was always weed LOL…

At 1.30 we got picked up at the hotel and went to the main villa where you stay during the retreat. Wow, what a place….

A massage was included and Keela massaged so well I fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, the four other participants had arrived. Seemed like very nice people. Troy picked us up Indian food for dinner and everyone sat talking and getting to know each other. Slept like a baby in my big room 🙂

Sunday 28th. 

Coffee was at 8am. At 9am, Marcel, our fabulous chef, served fresh fruit and a porridge made of ground plantain and peanuts with local honey. At 10am we were introduced to Mama Orah, our yoga teacher. I had expected a strenuous class, but it was the best yoga in my life. I think she said her practice was more African style. Very relaxed, slow movements, breathing while she shared a lot of wisdom. We were all blown away after. The last picture of Mama Orah just captures how cool and fun she is!

Marcel served us a delicious lunch after and we had some free time. Other people got their massages and most of us lounged by the pool. 

Around 1.30 there was a group meeting with Evelyn, our facilitator. Some people didn’t have much experience with psilocybin so questions and concerns were answered. I never did psychedelics in a group setting and was curious how other people’s energies and experiences on shrooms were going to affect my trip. 

Around 3pm we were driven to the nearby beach, Sugar Pot. Not a lot of people there and we picked a spot under some trees. We were given 2 gummies that had about 1,5gr of psilocybin in total. This was an introductory dose so that everyone was eased into it. 

Everyone eventually wanted to be on the beach so we moved the chairs there. We were swimming, listening to music, talking and laughing. It was very relaxed and I felt the group coming together more and more.

Very light trip and I only had light visuals when closing my eyes. I think it was a great idea to start with a lighter trip to see how everyone was handling it and bonding people together. We left after about 4 hours and were cracking up with laughter in the car riding back. At the villa Marcel had cooked us a delicious dinner with jerk chicken, bone in chicken, vegetables and rice with beans. Then everyone sat around talking about their observations while tripping. Such a great and fun day!

Monday 29th

I was having coffee around 8 and people dropped in after they woke up. At 10am we had another great yoga session with Mama Orah. Slow moving, breathing and feeling your body. Mama Orah told us she would be joining us at the jungle ceremony too wohooo… We all loved her presence! After lunch we settled for another group talk. Evelyn told us what was planned for the jungle ceremony. We talked about our intentions for the ceremony. I shared that I want to give myself acceptance. I don’t have to be busy or creating something for my time to be considered valuable. I’m not wasting my life or time by reading, napping, or doing something that is not work. 

It was very interesting to hear people share. We were also introduced to Jordan who is a psychedelic guide. He also has been cross breeding strains to create what he believes is a great mushroom strain to take in the jungle setting. The sweetest and most humble guy. His family owns the property in the jungle where we were going.

I watched the mushrooms being prepared for tea.

I packed a bag with bug spray, head lamp, a sweater, pants and a scarf, and around 3pm we were all packed up and ready to head out. About an hour ride into the jungle and in the end it was just 2 tracks for the car tires. We parked and were given 3 mushroom chocolates that were about 2gr of psilocybin in total. It was about a 20min walk down to ‘our’ spot.

I’ve heard how amazing it was supposed to be down there, but I was blown away. First we went to a place by the river where we could get into the water. It was crystal clear and cold.

I was already feeling the mushrooms and felt so at peace in the surrounding nature. Hearing birds and crickets. Then we moved out to another spot they had set up with lounge chairs. We were in a circle and we got served the mushroom tea. Everyone passing a cup to the next person after giving it a blessing or whatever you felt like passing on in silence. The jungle became 3D for me. I was feeling so good. I tend to get very relaxed and prefer to lay down. I asked for a yoga mat and laid down. I put my scarf over me and cocooned up. I had such beautiful visuals. Not seeing them, but being part of them. Sometimes I was brought back by hearing the group around me. Mama Orah sometimes played a drum or sound bowls. Then it was all dark and and the fireflies came out and surrounded us. I thought they would be small flies lit up, but they looked more like birds on fire. It was so beautiful watching them. I wish I could’ve filmed it, but I wanted to stay in the moment. I remembered thinking that I never want to leave this spot…

After the effect of the mushrooms subsided, we moved up under the ‘dome’ made up from bamboo trees and watched the fire. I felt so happy. People were talking and processing their experience. It started to rain and Troy handed out umbrellas.

I think we were down there for about 5h before heading back to the villa. Marcel had prepared us soup and one by one we dropped back into our rooms. I felt drained and fell asleep without even a shower…

Tuesday 29th

Everyone talked about their journeys in the jungle during breakfast. Mama Orah came and gave us our last yoga class. I consider her to be one of the best things I experienced here. At the end of class we all just laid down and Mama Orah covered us with blankets. It was pouring rain and we all just took it in. 

This being the 3rd day, it was optional if you wanted to have another journey. In the morning I felt that I probably wasn’t going to because the jungle ceremony had been so great. But then I decided I wanted to. I drank a cup of mushroom tea around 7pm. I felt it kick  in so fast and chose a secluded spot by the pool on my own. Again I had such beautiful visuals and I was listening to music in my ear buds. At one point I tried to join people by the table, but my body and head told me I wasn’t done. I laid down again and let go… Lot of thoughts of my family, friends and people in my life that I care about and love. When I emerged from my trip, I saw that I was alone. I felt like everyone had abandoned me at first.. But then I realized that everything was good. I put my earbuds in again and started moving slowly to the music. First came tears. Not feeling sad, but it felt like I was releasing something from my body. I then put on disco music and started really dancing. I felt like I had so much energy. I danced until I was soaked in sweat. I probably went at it for an hour.

Then I sat down and just felt at peace… another guest named John came out for snacks and we sat talking for a bit before going to bed. My favorite part of this trip was the dancing at the end…  

Wednesday 30th

The retreat was officially over, but most of us had decided to stay a couple of more days. We checked in at Sand & Tan and I’m so happy I got to spend more time with the group.

A diverse group of people with different backgrounds, life experiences, and reasons why they had come here, but we all bonded together. We were lounging by the water,swimming,eating and paddleboarding.

We had dinner with Troy, Evelyn, and John at night on the dock. Talking about all the cool stuff we will remember. There was even talk about a reunion and I really hope that would happen since I would totally go back!

On Thursday John and I went floating down a river. Pretty relaxing except for when our ‘guide’ decided to sing very loud hahahaa…

Of course there was someone selling weed in the middle of it all too.

Also had time to hit the market in Osho Rios.

I styled up in Jamaican colors that night with my new outfit 🙂

And look at this superb cup I got from Roby, one of the participants. I think I had mentioned something about ‘size matters’ and possibly #tittytuesday hahahaaa…

Had time to catch a last breakfast with the group before a driver took me to the airport. Flights were smooth and landed back in Mexico around 8pm. 

It truly was one of the best experiences ever! The location, people, jungle, the trips… I wouldn’t change a thing and I believe I will go back. Reunion or not 🙂 And if any of you are looking for a retreat, I highly recommend Mycelia Retreat! <—– If curios, click the link and register and you can win a 4-day retreat 🙂 Here are some more pics…

And the best thing about coming home? Cuddles with Hunter 🙂

Remember, one love!

XXX Puma

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Sounds like it was an incredible trip. The kind of trip that makes you want to relax and let go.

I think I would like to do that some day.

Thank you for sharing!


Mailma ois varmasti parempi paikka jos useemmmat ihmiset vois hoitaa itseään ja toisiaan tuolla tavoin👍 hieno kun näytät esimerkkiä ja rohkaiset ottamaan selvää itsestä ja omista tunteista…todella hieno trippi🙏🏼 suomessa dokventuresin riku ja tunna on tuonu maailmankuvan laajentamista esille omilla “matka” dokkareillaan.https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2019/11/19/ei-pelkkaa-viihdekayttoa-ja-trippailua-maailmalla-puhutaan-nyt-psykedeelien


Mina oon samaa mielta. Luulen etta ihmiset oisivat vahan enemman “chill” jos harrastaisivat enemman psychedelics 🙂 Kattoin tuon linkin minka panit, kiitos. Onko se vaan textina, vaan onko siihen myos video?

Heippa, Puma

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