It was a busy week where I got good work done, exercised, shot content, and tried to take time off to read and create. Someone sent this to me and it was a good reminder that it is important to have a day or at least some time off…

One day I managed to do one booty/leg class at Commando and then hit the Crossfit gym with Dyana. My poor legs felt like overcooked spaghetti after 🙂

Hopped in some skimpy outfits and got some content done…

I love these two vintage tops that I finished for Psychonaut Explorer. I love clothing from the 60’s and 70’s 🙂 And mushrooms LOL…

Yesterday I went with Angel to Cinderella’s house for some pizza. I’m impressed that I managed a whole night speaking Spanish with them. Sure, there was some Spanglish and Google translator app used, but I would have understood nada a year ago 🙂

Hunter thought my dress made the perfect ‘tent’ for him to chill under before I left.

And if (more like when) I take a nap this is his spot…

Not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but I hope to finish a book, try some new fabric paint, and maybe microdose 🙂 I feel excited about the upcoming weeks. Got a lot of interesting stuff in the works and I have a great feeling about it 🙂

I now keep track of what happens at the Mycelia Retreat in Jamaica, and I saw they have an upcoming retreat in July with a discount. Look at our amazing group shot in the middle 🙂

OK, need one more Cappuccino now 🙂 Enjoy your day and remember to chill!

Hugs, Puma

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I try to do that and put one day aside and nothing but fun stuff. Being in IT can make that difficult.

Hope you have a great week!


That’s great! And what’s the fun stuff you do?

Thank you and have an amazing week too 🙂

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