I did a lot of fun things 🙂 Last weekend we went to W Hotel to celebrate Dyana’s birthday. They have drag queen shows on Saturdays and they are super popular. It was really fun, especially when they rocked out with some Abba songs so I could pretend to sing along 🙂

Got inspired by a hairstyle and went to the salon to have them copy it on me 🙂

Lasted for about 4 days of shooting and workouts…

I managed to control my sugar intake for 2 weeks now. I haven’t had any refined sugars and have not eaten bread, pasta or chips. Secretly hoping there would be a huge difference on my body, but can’t say I’ve noticed any 🙁 But one can hope that I’m healthier on the inside at least…

I do get cravings so I tried baking some paleo stuff. Kind of failed by the looks of it, but it tasted really good. The blueberry muffins look black and it was supposed to be cookies, but I ended up scraping it all off the pan and it became like a crumble. I have now ordered a paleo recipe book for baking!

Don’t remember if I shared that I switched up my hair color? I get bored of my hair and the color so trying a bit of orange now 🙂

Photo shoots of the new color. I like it lot! Feels like I’m ready for fall…

I’ve been following this cool Swedish chick Maxinne on Instagram forever. About a month ago she wrote that she’s coming to Mexico City. Wrote her about meeting up. Long story short, we now have done 2 photo shoots with some other awesome chicas for a project she is doing. I love meeting new interesting people.

We also went wig shopping Downtown with her friend Vania. I wanted to buy this pink bowl that I think looked awesome, but they wouldn’t sell it to me 🙁

This past weekend my Finnish superwoman Milla was competing in a Crossfit competition here in town. Obviously put on my Suomi hockey jersey that I got from Milla and went to support. She is awesome and you could hurt yourself on her six pack!

At the drag queen show, I met this talented girl Abee La Sensacion. She sings, but she also has a cool store with shiny clothes. She had an event this weekend and me and Angel went…

And speaking of clothes, I saw some of my Psychonaut Explorer clothes on display in the store here wohoooo…

What else? I’ve been going for some physiotherapy weekly. I usually go when I have pain, but trying to go and prevent that tightness that builds up and then results in pain.

Hunter is doing great 🙂 Our favorite thing to do is napping together. I might be like 10% cat as much as I love napping…

Oh, and since he caught that bird, he’s on constant surveillance mode to catch more… So far, no success!

Then just the random pics of me and a couple of cute pets I’ve spotted when out 🙂

Got a Spanish lesson today and the gym opens late because of the competition so I’m going to work on some clothing I think 🙂 I hope you are superb and have an amazeballs week!

XXX Puma

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Sounds like you had a great time. And woohoo for Hunter catching that bird. He is living up to his name
Love the new hair color. A little change now and then is never a bad thing.
Hope you have a great week at all.


Världens längsta bloggpost 🙂 Alltid kul att läsa. Om du fortsätter med paleo så finns det bra snacks recept med bla dadlar om du söker på “date energy balls” eller “paleo fat bombs”


Tack for tips. Mitt nya recept jag vill gora ar bacon inlindade dadlar som ar fyllda med getost. Har precis upptackt hut goda dadlar ar helt raa!

Kram Puman

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