Soooo, on Wednesday it was my birthday 🙂 Decided I wanted to go to one of my favorite spots here in Mexico City: Boxque Teva. It’s only about 45 min from the city and in the woods. I’ve written about this place before, and if you come to the city and need to clear your head, come here!

Before leaving, I’m always making sure Hunter is taken care of. Julieta is Hunter’s extra mom and she knows only the best is good enough for Hunter. Ancestral ground beef mixed with liver and other healthy stuff. Cat food is below him. Or at least he thinks so and looks offended when I feed a can to him hahahaaa…

Here are some pics from Boxque Teva… Went with a friend and we had the whole place to ourselves.

I wanted to take some time and reflect on the year that has been and reset for the one to come. What better way than to have nature’s own medicine to help you – magical mushrooms. I like the image in the window too, it’s like the photo is saying “Mushrooms, please show me the way…”

Settled in at a clearing and let my mind go wherever it needed to go…

It got a bit cold later and moved in to the main room with a fire pit…

The people that worked then prepped dinner. Ate, listened to music and later rain and thunder…

Slept like a baby. Had a relaxing morning and then breakfast in the sun…

Found these cards with wisdom and this one is so accurate for me…

Took some picture because the Psychonaut Explorer clothes just fit perfectly here 🙂

Got some presents from my second home here in Mexico, Bold & Bowl the hair salon. Angel also thought I deserved getting my hair done with some wine 🙂

I’ve really gotten into baking. Well, pizza might not be strictly baking. I also attempted Paleo bagels. You can see how they look in the book. Mine look like torn up b*ttholes! But they tasted decent 🙂

Hunter, always close by and sometimes we’re holding hands…

In case you need more of me…

Had a coffee with my fellow Finn, Milla, here in Mexico and she had her birthday yesterday. She got me these beautiful flowers 🙂

Remember, enough is enough! Until next week friends 🙂

XXX Puma

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Loved the pictures! Hunter really is a love kitty! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Thank you and yes, it was a great birthday 🙂

Have a great week!


Stort grattis i efterskott och hoppas du hade en fin födelsedag.


Only a day away from mine. Very nearly sharing a birthday 🎉

That pizza looked good. If ever you find yourself in England, feel free to make me some🤣


Best, slightly belated wishes 🙂 x

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