A mix of a little bit of everything this week. One thing that I never miss is shooting. It involved me being a pervy life coach and a bit of a disco queen…

Threw in some clothed stuff too…

Took some pics at the gym when I was feeling strong, but I saw my saggy knee-skin in the pics and got self-conscious… I went to the vein-doctor or whatever they are called. He injected some foam in some spider-veins that were getting a bit too spidery…

Also did a two hour interview for a local Finnish newspaper. The paper comes out in the northern parts of Finland that my family is from. Fun to get to talk about my Finnish upbringing and memories from Finland.

On Friday on very short notice I decided to participate at a weekend bazaar here in the city. Of course everyone loved the Psychonaut Explorer stuff 🙂 , and it was nice meeting some cool people.

And no, I didn’t forget about Hunter. He is fabulous like always. Since he gets what he wants, the other day I made him a bed on the kitchen table so he could nap close by while I worked away…

That’s it. Now I’m going to look up a Psychic’s number that I have seen before. She is in LA and is amazing. Just got the urge to hear what she’s got to say 🙂

Laters, Puma

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Amazing adventures. Hunter is a spoiled kitty (rightly so). Great pictures!


Not a big fan of injections. Can stay well away from my knees😅

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