Had to go back in my phone calendar to see what I’ve done. Usually the photos help, but I guess I didn’t take that many this week.

I found the psychic’s name and scheduled a call. I have seen her in LA when I lived there, and recommended her to a bunch of friends. She has told me so many amazing things that blew my mind in the past. One time for example she said that my dad (who’s passed away) was showing her a German Shepard. She asked if he had a German Shepard. He had 3 of them. One time she said I was going to Las Vegas and I was going in three days. She told me I had a boyfriend at the time who had something wrong with one of his front teeth. She asked if it was chipped? It was a bit out of space and chipped. I was very excited to talk to her again, but unfortunately this time it felt more like she was guessing and it was all pretty much wrong to hahahaa… I guess I have to experience the future like everyone else πŸ™‚

I feel that I need some time off from training as I felt pretty weak at the gym. I’m going to Colombia next week, so it will be perfect with a week off. But I still went and struggled through…

The shooting theme this week was ‘Netflix & Chill’. More like me eating all the props hahahaa… And ‘Paint me like one of your French girls…’

Also got a massage and a physiotherapy treatment. I love massages. The physiotherapy is mostly painful but I guess it’s good to work through all those knots and tightness…

My plan is to be able to stroll around with Hunter like this guy did with his cat.

The problem is that Hunter freezes when I put the harness on him. He walks a couple of steps and falls down like someone shot him. So dramatic. I guess he prefers to just be in bed…

Went shopping for some stuff to bring to Colombia next week. I’m so excited going. Meeting two friends there and who knows what we’ll get up to hehheee… I might have to disguise myself so I bought this mask among other things…

I put it on at a cafe to send my friends a photo and prepare them for what’s coming. The guy next to me asked if it was for Halloween. I held a straight face and said that I’m hiding from the police. He either didn’t get the joke or didn’t appreciate it and just went back to his computer hahhaaa… If someone said that to me with a damn mask on, I’d have at least 10 more questions. Joke or not πŸ™‚

Think I’ll go to the movies today. Just have to find a movie with english subtitles πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I’m getting my hair fixed and then packing for my trip. I fly at 5 AM on Tuesday. Can’t wait to eat choclo arepas in Colombia. My favorite!

Adios, Pumacita

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Enjoy your trip to Colombia!


Thank you πŸ™‚ So far it has been amazing! Hope you are having a great weekend!


Have a nice flight and stay in Columbia


A bit late, but thank you and it was a great trip πŸ™‚

XXX Puma


Loving the mask. Should try and make a costume to go with it. A red and black leather costume, studded with metal to go with that mask = awesome πŸ˜€


Just wait, I got a perfect outfit for it heheheee πŸ™‚

I look forward to seeing itπŸ˜‹

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