It was an intense week in Medellin, but so much fun πŸ™‚ I like to arrive early and have a full day instead of losing a day, so I booked a 5am flight and Uber picked me up at 3am.

My friends, George, Samuel and ‘Spicy Nana’, picked me up from the airport. We went straight for food. And cerveza and some local shots. I grew up with 2 Rottweilers and got to say hi to this beautiful Rottweiler named Carbon at the restaurant πŸ™‚

Our first house was in an area called Rio Negro. Very relaxing and lots of nature. I tossed my suitcase and backpack in the house, and we went to check out the hood. Had to stop the car and take a picture by this Puma sign. Felt right at home seeing the possibility of family members πŸ˜‰ Also George is remodeling a house here so we checked it out and made sure there’s room for all of us in the future!

Ended up in some small town for dinner and then this awesome bar called Shupa Shots. Of course we had to try some shots and they ranged from strong to very strong hahhaaaa…

Next day we got to work. I like when work don’t feel like work, but you just have a great time and it happens to end up on camera. Yes, it might of gotten just a bit out of hand, but hey, sometimes you just got to go with it…

We had a mushroom ceremony booked for that night. Four of us went and it was an intense and amazing experience. I will make a separate post about it. A light dinner before heading out. I was getting hangry…

We got back at 10am the next day from the ceremony and were pretty exhausted. Not much else other than napping and eating that day.

Next day I met Melody. She’s getting into the ‘entertainment’ business as well and we did a little thing together.

As soon as I went outside the house this cute and friendly cat appeared to demand my attention πŸ™‚

We then had to check out and check in at our new place in El Poblado. There’s a funny dog adoption story that happened here too, but it is connected to us tripping, so you’ll get it with the ceremony story. There was a pit stop at Amanda’s (George sister who is superfun) house on the way that resulted in me napping and then us playing Uno. I won a lot in case you wondering. I’m very competitive playing games LOL…

So our new casa looked like Scarface might of had a hand in helping to design it hahhaaaa…

It was supposed to be an ‘only-one-drink’ kind of night and saying hi to Coby who’s from Vegas and was also in town. You know how those nights can go? Very fun and we determined that Coby is way better at twerking than me…

Also checked out his casa which also was pretty unique… Yup, ‘it was all a dream…’

Next day was a full day in town with ‘Spicy Nana’ (who prefers to be incognito, but was our photo- and videographer and an old friend) and Melody. Lunching, coffee, getting nails done, shopping and dinner.

Next day more work in ‘Casa Scarface’… There are more pics, but it might a bit much Puma for you in one post. Don’t want to overwhelm you πŸ˜‰

Had dinner at a great sushi place called Niku. The dessert was a cup of Nutella, brownie and ice cream. Guess how good it was???

On Monday it was paragliding time. It was me, Amanda, Samuel, and Coby that went for it. Amanda has done it before and said how amazing it is. Thought I’d be cool as her and just be gliding around up in the sky. Topless too while filming it. I ended up screaming and was anything but cool hahahaaa… But when the guy wasn’t diving and spinning, I had moments when I was cool! Video of it is coming too.

It was a very cool experience and I’d do it again. Afterwards we packed some stuff up at the house and headed over to Amanda’s. I wanted to shoot some experimental stuff in her garden at night time. We got some pretty cool stuff and I will show it later. Here’s me with Amanda’s supercool cat with thumbs.

The last day I headed to El Poblado for some coffee and a last look around. I’ve visited Medellin and twice before and almost moved here at one point.

Since we had some time before my late flight, we made the most of it when Melody came over. Guess I’m irresistible hahahaaa…

We had one last dinner and then it was time for me to fly home. When you’re famous like me it’s sometimes good to disguise yourself to avoid recognition πŸ˜‰

Came home at 3am and Hunter was energetic as always at night, so we played a bit and then went to bed and crashed… All together it was such a great trip and I miss everyone. Hopefully I will see part of the gang in Mexico in November though πŸ™‚

Here are some leftover pics I forgot to squeeze in…

That’s it. Trip report coming next πŸ™‚ Tell me, how you been?

Kisses, Puma

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It was a pretty good weekend. Caught up on some sleep. Had some good food. Did some shopping. Just a typically quiet weekend.


Sounds like a pretty awesome week to me πŸ™‚

XXX Puma


Too much Puma? Don’t think I found my limit yet


I only wrote that to sound nice and humble. I don’t think there can be too much Puma in anyone’s life πŸ˜‰ hahahaa…

I’ll keep my Puma vision up and let you know if ever it feels like there’s too much Swede to go round πŸ˜›

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