…to the blog of Puma Swede! Since I’m such an amazing person (I really am) and have so many more talents that extend beyond the bedroom (so I’ve been told), this is where I’ll be sharing it! I spend a lot of time and enjoy traveling as well as eating great food. You’ll be able to get my tips and recommendations if you read my blog on a regular basis.

For those who know me – go to the blog, but for those of you new to me, here’s a short introduction:

Born and raised in Sweden, but I’m of Finnish ancestry. I’m an American citizen now and currently live in Mexico City. I love to create art, and will be sharing it here. Coffee is a necessity in life, but no instant-shit! Quality beans please. I Crossfit for exercise and try to eat paleo, which goes so-so. I take pics and video of pretty much anything, read a lot, party hardy when given the chance, and my favorite cars are Ford Broncos and Porsche GT3s. I got my name from a Ford Puma though…

My autobiography – My Life As a Pornstar was released 2012 in Sweden and then translated to English in 2014 both as a book and on Kindle. Available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/My-Life-Pornstar-Puma-Swede/dp/9198139916.

I have also appeared in mainstream film and television such as “Sons of Anarchy” , The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It , and “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”.

Recent art shows include an exhibition in Sweden “Primal 2017” and Nude Art LA 2019.

I have done public talks in Sweden both at Lund University and high schools about my experiences in the adult industry where I became one of the most well-known performers in the world. I discuss intimacy and relationships, the reality vs fantasy of adult films, and how I became a successful entrepreneur.

I am frequently on talk shows (including the biggest ones in Sweden such as “Malou”) and podcasts.  You can listen to a recent one about my life in English right here – http://lifedonedifferent.libsyn.com/7-puma-swede-international-porn-star

That’s about it and I hope you will enjoy my blog!

Stay Pussitive,

Puma Swede