The Rational Male – book review…

This book by Rollo Tomassi deserves a longer review. I loved it! It’s surprising because it’s basically written for men who can’t get laid, about how to pick up women and keep them interested. That’s a very short summary, since the book has so many more topics. I heard about it, and got curious enough to order it. I must say I think it’s an excellent read for women as well. I believe a lot of men can benefit from this book. 

I’m personally tired of the discussions that the sexes are, or have to be, exactly equal. Yes for equal rights, but c’mon, we are male and female. We have different capabilities, skills, knacks, hormones, etc. Example: if the car needs winter tires, the guy is usually stronger and more often likes doing mechanical stuff. For your info, I changed plenty of tires in my life, and am totally capable of it. But if a shirt needs a button sewed on, I have smaller fingers and most likely can do it easier and faster. No need to feel it’s a gender issue here. Like the book says – “We are not created equal – we’re supposed to complement each other.”

Another very funny chapter in this book is “Qualities of the Prince”. It’s about “demands” in a dating profile. I copied the text from the .pdf form of the book online – This is the females “ad” for the male she is looking for…

Here is a well thought out idea of what kind of guy I am interested in… 5’10” or taller, lives near by, compassionate, intelligent, giving, VERY Attractive (someone other than your mother or sister has said so, lol) and in shape, prefer self employed, FAMILY orientated, open to new spontaneous things, likes to camp, likes to golf, wants children, would be a good father and faithful husband, a gentleman, gives me my space when I need it, not a nerd or too sarcastic, can take a hint, social, calls for no reason, remembers sending a note or a nominal gift IS romantic and necessary, respectful, sense of humor, and thinks the world of me. I am not interested in anyone older than 41 and anyone who makes less money than me since I do not plan on changing the lifestyle I have grown accustom to and hope to one day be a stay at home mom and furthermore… my children will never want for ANYTHING (but of course will not be spoiled brats either lol). You should also love animals.  I am not attracted to red heads at all lol sorry.

And then the author Rollo Tomassi created a somewhat similar profile ad, but from the male perspective. This text is copied from the same link as above. 

Here is a well thought out idea of what kind of gal I am interested in…5′ 5″ or taller, but not over 6 feet (because while I don’t mind being eye to eye with you, I won’t ever be looking up to you), lives close enough to be at my house within 10 minutes after I make the call, genuinely passionate, intelligent enough to be good company, sexually available (preferably insatiable) and VERY attractive – we’re talking Jessica Alba, Keyra Augustina attractive – women with a body-fat percentage higher than 8% need not apply. Must be employed but not so well as you’ll interfere with our sexual activities, FAMILY oriented, but only after you’ve hit 30-33, open to spontaneous sex (you know, like outdoor stuff or a surprise 3 way with one of your hot girlfriends after our 2nd martini), likes to camp (in the nude), knows not to complain when I go play golf with the clients from work.

She must want children after 33 years of age if at all, and only after she’s proven to be a good mother and faithful wife, must be a lady with class and know when the right time is to speak and not to speak, not a prude or bitch, can take the first hint, sociable, unexpectedly texts me pictures of her wearing something new from Fredericks of Hollywood, understands that the best gift she can give me is expressing her desire to fuck me like a wild animal, and also understands that gifts for her are treats or rewards for desired behavior.

Must be respectful of my decisions being final, can’t take herself too seriously and thinks the world of me. I’m not interested in anyone over 31 (since this is most women’s expiration date anyway), she cannot have exorbitant spending habits or a credit debtload in excess of $1,000 since I do not plan on changing the lifestyle I have grown accustom to and hope to one day be able to send my own children to college (rather than pay for your student debt), and furthermore… my children will be taught to reasonably earn their achievements on their own and respect the decisions of their Father and mother (and absolutely will not be spoiled brats either). I’m very attracted to redheads, blondes, brunettes, Latinas, Asians, African-Americans, Pacific Islanders, etc., pretty much any woman that meets my physical requirements. I am not attracted at all to even slightly fat women no matter how much “inner beauty” you think you may possess. Hope to meet you soon, your Prince.

Yes, I think it’s a bit over the top and personally probably would never respond to an ad like this. And yes, there was a shitstorm raised from his ‘ad’. Still I think it’s interesting. It is more acceptable for women to have a lot of demands and requirements, but if a guy does a similar post, he is perceived completely different. Like who the fuck does he think he is! 

This book talks about how men are often told to be themselves. Well, if that doesn’t work, should you work on it? Can you change things up a bit? 

It talks about masturbation. A woman masturbating is “sexy, arousing and, nowadays socially empowering. For men, masturbation is a perversion. It implies an inability to be ‘man enough’ to fuck a real woman; whacking off is failure for man, but empowerment for a woman.” I have very open minded girlfriends who don’t mind their man stroking, but I also know women who get jealous if their man masturbates to a porno. 

The book has many more funny reads like: should you reveal how many women you slept with, why women date jerks, why women are threatened by other women, long term relationships etc. I enjoyed this book and recommend it. Some parts I thought are exaggerated, but I think it can be very helpful to a lot of people! 

I’ll also add this as a question to ponder yourself. Would you rather pick a poor man/woman, but good looking, or a rich one, but who doesn’t have the looks? 

Happy reading, Puma

No Baywatch people showed up yesterday. Just a couple of curious hikers. Luckily people in Puerto Rico are very chill and don’t freak out if they see some skin 🙂 It started raining though so we stopped by the local vendors in Piñones and ate instead. And had some Puerto Rican Heineken 🙂

Had a private Skype show this morning. A good way to start my day 🙂

I found this awesome Snapchat filter. Would love to be surrounded by dogs. Or just animals in general!

Now looking at buying a BBQ or a smoker. Got to prepare in case the power runs out in the future so I can cook anyways 🙂 Plus I love BBQ’ing!

Oh, and I want to recommend you this awesome Netflix series called Love Death + Robots. Short stories and they are really good! I watched them all this weekend!

Laters, Puma

I read on Instagram that this Monday is suppose to be the one day people are most depressed during a whole year. I guess people are out of money after Christmas and waiting for the next paycheck. I say – grab this Monday by it’s nuts and make the most of it!

I’m off to shoot on a beautiful beach in a moment. I love shooting outdoors and specially on the beach. Worked out this morning in case Baywatch is out scouting in Puerto Rico today while I shoot! You never know!

I had a chill weekend and yesterday I downed these amazing coconut/pumpkin pancakes!

OK, got to run and wishing you an amazing Monday!

Kisses, Puma

Mostly been shooting this week. After all the issues after the earthquakes I had to catch up a little…

Luckily sometimes the scene or scenario requires you to pretend to be asleep. Sleeping fetish could be one of my favorite fetishes heheheeeee…

And sometimes the whole shoot fails. Thought this was some cool edible colors to pour on your body. It was more like super sticky syrup that was really hard to get off. Only looked like some kids thrown slime on me. Fail!

Masha the Russian came over yesterday with Nina and we went to the beach. So nice when the sun is setting…

Oh, and she gave me pinecone jam from Russia. Hmmm… Let you know how it tastes.

Thrown in a couple of workouts too. Pics to prove it!

Now I’m gonna make cabbage soup with ground pork in the pressure cooker. Getting hangry!

XXX Puma

Another question I get a lot is how the adult business has changed over the years that I’ve been in it. 

I remember when I got into the business at the end of 2004. I started with solo shoots and working with girls only. My biggest goals were to shoot for magazines, and I’d shit myself when I got a cover. DVD covers were also on my list of things I’d fancy. About two years later I told my agent I was ready to take on guys. I told him I only wanted to work for well known companies like Wicked, Hustler, Vivid etc. Work was great, and companies like Brazzers showed up and shot a lot. I got DVD covers, magazine covers, and toured dancing frequently. The AVN show in Las Vegas those first years was crazy fun. Companies had big booths and I loved meeting all the people at the shows. I pretty much needed a week to recover after the Vegas show hahahaaaaa…

I was pretty quick on starting my personal website as well. Updating it weekly with a set of pictures and a video. Later adding an hour camshow a week too. 

The money was great and companies spent left and right, people subscribed to girls’ websites, and there was no Onlyfans, Snapchat, Sextpanther and Pornhub.

Jump a few years forward and I barely need to leave my house to do a shoot. Or I can just stay in bed and turn on a camshow or answer a paid call. I don’t complain. From being dependent on shooting for companies, to putting your name and yourself out there, you no longer need them to the same extent. Anyone with a cellphone can shoot their own movies today and upload them for fans to subscribe to or buy. Not only just the naughty stuff, but to put your daily life on Snapchat. When did you buy a DVD last time?

Girls’ personal websites are still running, but the money is not the same. Almost everyone I know makes more money from their Onlyfans or Snapchat. Actually now it’s more money than shooting for a company where you are on set for hours. You can also just log in and run a webcam show from home and make the same money. People download free stuff and companies can no longer pay the same fees to girls as they used to. 

AVN has changed too. Few companies now have huge booths, and girls can rent their own table to promote themselves. Pornhub has their own award show. Never been to it, but it sounds 10x cooler and more updated than AVN. 

Pornhub now also works with girls so they can get paid for their content on their site which is great. The changes have been for the better for me personally. Since I love to travel, I can take my work with me. Whether it is to film on an airplane toilet, run around naked on a beach in Mexico, or using my dressing room in Bangkok for something other than just trying clothes on. The possibilities are endless for the creative ones. 

If there’s something else you’re curious about reading, let me know in the comments 🙂 

XXX Puma

Hope your week has started well. I started mine by working out. Good for the mind and not just the body. I sometimes have too much energy, and unless I burn it off, I get agitated easily…

Looking at the picture and realize I need to go to the beach and catch some sun!

Then shooting all kinds off stuff. Maybe it got too hot cause the power went off again. Luckily it only lasted for an hour and then it was back on.

When I was young my biggest insecurity was my feet. They grew like 5 times as fast as the rest of my body. I had the same size I have now in like 4th grade, but I was shorter. I remember we had statistics in our math class in 6th grade. We where all suppose to say our shoe size to our teacher. Fuck that! I lied and said I was a 7 instead of a 9,5. So funny that now my big feet are appreciated and people want pics and videos of them! Imagine if I’d known that in 6th grade!

Unfortunately the water went out in San Juan last night. Since I’ve prepped a little, I now have water stored in big jugs so no panic. Just no shower. This morning water is back so the baby wipes can rest 😉

Tuesday, here I come!

Laters, Puma

How’s your weekend going? I really haven’t done much. Grocery shopped and bought some storage bins. I moved to Puerto Rico with 2 suitcases, and I could probably fill at least 10 today.

Yesterday we went to Gusto’s to read and get more caffeine. I walked by a girl who I thought looked so Swedish. When I sat down outside, she sat outside too. And guess who it is? The Swedish actress Malin Akerman! I love her in the series ‘Billions’. Can’t be shy in life so I walked over and said hi. She’s beautiful and was really nice. Apparently she was working on a script. Maybe I should’ve said I have some experience in acting, and asked for a part? Hahhaaaa… Should’ve asked for a pic, but totally forgot. If I see her again I’ll ask 🙂

That’s about the biggest happening this weekend for me. Now pouring rain outside, and I’m at another cafe working 🙂

Kisses, Puma

YAY, at 2am last night power came back to our block! The air conditioning kicked in and I was finally able to sleep kind of normal. I’ve been sleeping on a sheet on the floor, with a pillow under my hipbone, because it’s the only place that’s been slightly cool! Like when the water was gone for 4 days, you don’t really get how comfortable it is to just press on/off on a light switch. And coffee! Just being able to make coffee at home is a luxury. A little worrisome that some people just now have been reporting loss of power again. We still have it, but there was just a tremor 30 min ago that Google says was 5.2. But I stay hopeful 🙂

Went to the gym this morning. Practicing my pull ups on the rings now. Goal is 5 in a row. Loooong way to get there…

Shot some content today too when I could power up my lamps and have some AC and fans on! I might melt the internet otherwise 😉

A couple of pics when I used every candle I could find and the flashlight to have some light at home 🙂

Our street with only the lights at the end of it working…

Been eating out everyday and found a great co-working space with lights, AC and wifi…

Yesterday I went to Jaime so he could fix my hair. Love the pink! Maybe pretty obvious…

Now going to watch TV with AC blasting 🙂 What’s your plans for the weekend?

Kisses, Puma

Today I talked to a Swedish production company about participating in a TV show where they interview different people. A show about interesting people, so I guess I am interesting, or at least my choice of profession seems to be. 

One thing that I frequently get asked (also today on the phone) is “why choose to do porn”? One of the most frequent misunderstandings is that it’s something someone just ended up in. Or that I had no other options. I have come across a lot of people who have a hard time processing that porn can be something you actually choose to do. Freely without anyone forcing you. Even if you have other options. I can truly say I have no friends or know of anyone who didn’t choose porn for themselves. 

Let me ask you. Are you happy with your job? I’ve recently come across only one other person (outside porn) who said she had her dream job. She was working for the captain on a large ship that transports oil around the world.. She will be captain one day. Very cool. Most people you talk to are somewhat unsatisfied with their job. It might be stressful, not enough salary, co-workers suck (not literally) etc. I can say that I have always been happy to go to work! Yes, I’ve been tired or I complained about my script being too long (anyone really care about the dialogue?), but I’ve never been bored, that’s for sure hahhahaaaaa… 

My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier. I started when I was 27. I’ve been a late bloomer in most things in life. I chose porn out of free will and never regretted it. Yes, it was a tough one to tell my family. There were no standing ovations for my choice of career. Luckily they are great, and understanding this is what makes me happy. 

So why porn? Except from the obvious of loving sex, I love being in front of the camera, and getting paid well! I have always been able to choose when I want to work and when I want to take time off. I’ve been lucky to work around the world, with great companies and people. I’ve also had fun attending award shows, even though I never managed to win LOL… Danced and performed around the world, and met many great fans! I have made a lot of friends, and got to eat a lot of free pizza on set hahahaaa… 

Things are even better now. I can make all that dough from home now. I will make another post on how porn has changed shortly 🙂 

Other than that I can report that our street still has no power. Some blocks have gotten their power back, but not us. Hardest part is sleeping with no AC. My favorite coffee shop Gusto’s around the corner is running on a generator so get my coffee though! Mucho importante!

My reading light at night is a flashlight taped to the bed. You get creative! 

Send some electricity my way por favor 🙂

Kisses, Puma

Woke up last night with the bed shaking. It took a while before realizing what was happening. There were aftershocks in the morning as well. All good, even though there’s no electricity on the whole island. Thankfully a few places have generators, so I got breakfast and am now working at a co-working place. The word is that the power is supposed to be turned on later, but who knows. Took this pic from a WhatsApp group I’m in. Water and gasoline for portable cookers are running out.

Last night we went to celebrate Three Kings Day at Cristian’s family’s house. It was so much fun! A lot of people, food, and drinks. Made an effort to communicate in my broken Spanish, and managed pretty well. People here are so nice and really try to make conversation.

I did skip the mix of intestines… Supposedly really good, but I’m not quite that experimental 🙂

They even had Josef & Maria and the Three Kings make an appearance. There was a lottery, and I’m very lucky when it comes to lotteries. Guess who won? MEEEE… Won a handmade plate from a local artist!

They have this drink for the holidays called Coquito. A rum drink based on coconut. They also added pumpkin. It was like drinking a milkshake – too good. Ended up getting a bottle of it for home!

Such a fun night among great people!

I was also shooting some stuff before leaving. What’s your preferred drink? Beer, Champagne, Rum, wine, vodka, or something else?

Since we can’t cook at home and I saw Domino’s being open on the way – I predict there will be pizza tonight hahahaaaa..

Kisses, Puma