Had a great time in LA with Sandy and her family. When I’m there it feels like more happens in a day than in a week in Puerto Rico! We were on set 3 days shooting. Such a luxury to have Sandy do my makeup! I can do it OK myself, but a pro is a pro… Just look at these before and after pics.

And then there was the shoots…

My friend Nick who shot some of the pics joked that this was my payment… Well, at least I’m getting paid LOL!

Shot some Pussitive outfits too 🙂 By the way, the website is now live – www.pussitive.co. Be nice, first time for me making a website. Still needs some work, but I’m very proud of it 🙂 Also adding stuff every week, so keep an eye on it!

Love the dogs at the house, Snoopy & Fluffy. Fluffy looked passed out one morning and had to go check on him. He lazily opened one eye and wondered why I’m bugging him… OK, you can pass out again!

Love the kids too and it’s pretty much action from 07.30am until they pass out at night. Playing with Barbie’s, building Legos, drawing, playing hairdresser, hide & seek and other games until I passed out too! My favorite was getting my nails done though. I think there was more color on their shirts and table clothes than on my nails hahhaaaa…

Had some sushi and more Sake at the coolest rooftop restaurant in LA – Paris Tokyo by Azai Sushi. I behaved up until the end when the Sake got the best of me and had to reveal my canon balls!

Shot some stuff in my cool as* t-shirts too. You want one? Go to to www.dancebarnaby.com 🙂

And since I rocked an amazing makeup most of the time, thanks to Sandy, there was no shame in the amount of selfies I took! And I’m only posting half of them 😉

Me taking in some views in LA…

Got back to Puerto Rico and hit the beach right away! In my cool Pussitive hat obviously!

Did anyone get fooled on April 1st? This was my joke on IG. That I’ve gotten some new organic injections made of beans and goat milk. Half the people got the joke, others loved it or said I ruined my looks 🙂

Also went back to eat yet an incredible tasting menu at Orujo, Taller de Gastronomia. Wow wow wow! All new and different dishes. Loved it and if you ever plan to visit, make reservations a loooong time ahead since they’re fully booked up!

The cool thing is that there is a camera in the kitchen and it’s projected out in the restaurant so you can see what’s happening in there…

This is my last week in PR for a while. Taking off to Mexico City at the end of the week. I’m overly excited! Already checked out which restaurants, coffee shops, galleries, areas, spas, shops etc I want to go to. If you’ve been and have tips, please share 🙂

Now cramming this last week with stuff I need to finish. A lot of Pussitive stuff and then packing!

OK, time to get this week going! Talk to you from Mexico next time 🙂

Adios, Puma

Since I loved Royal Isabela so much, I booked a stay there again when checking out last time. They’re so booked, so you need to plan ahead if you want to stay here. So relaxing and didn’t do much else than relax, read and visit the beach. And snapped pictures…

As I wrote earlier, I have this goal for this year to explore new spots in Puerto Rico. Sometimes they are only a walking distance away. Like this cool art museum MADMI – Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar. A friend pointed it out while we were out walking. Can’t believe I never knew about it. It’s 1 minute away from the grocery store I visit every week. But hey, better late than never… They had a fashion exhibit now about a Puerto Rican designer Nono Maldonado.

Cool stuff, but I think our Pussitive clothing is a bit edgier, hahahaaa…. Look forward to go see other exhibits there.

Had enough of my dark roots and booked the first available appointment at the hair salon. Was a bit worried when it seemed that the guy doing my hair was a bit too hyper. He seemed to take notice of everything and everybody except my hair. When washing my hair he showered pretty much all of me and not just my scalp. But when he was done, I loved the results. Maybe he was one of the guys who actually can do more than one thing at once hahhaaaaa…

Our neighbors cat Caramelo, that I’m slightly obsessed with, has started coming over to our place to visit. I was doing a phone interview with Sweden last week when Caramelo walked in. I got som excited I had to tell the lady interviewing me to hold on. She wondered if I was OK? I told her the neighbors cat just walked in and that had priority over everything hahahaaa…

Talking about cats, how awesome are my cat panties?

When not wearing cat panties though…

Working on my dips and tan in the park.

Got some reading done too. This book “Killers of the Flower Moon” by David Grann, was very good, sad and disturbing read.

Killers of the Flower Moon is a book about the Osage murders in Oklahoma. It tells stories of how these white settlers killed many members of the tribe for their oil wealth in the 1920s, and also details investigations into who was responsible.”

This book “When These Mountains Burn” by David Joy, was just mediocre in my opinion. The was some good parts, but it just wasn’t a page turner for me.

“Set in a small town in North Carolina, we meet Ray. He’s recently lost his wife and is dealing with his adult son who is a heroin addict. After being pushed to his limits, Ray devises a plan to rid his town of its head drug dealer.

This one “Blacktop Wasteland” by S. A. Cosby, was pretty good. A fast paste and exciting read.

“A husband, a father, a son, a business owner…And the best getaway driver east of the Mississippi.”

That’s it for now. On Monday I took a taxi at 03.15 am to the airport and flew to LA. Visiting Sandy and her family again. It’s a packed schedule as always. So much fun and tell you all about in my next post 🙂

Hugs, Puma

…just full of errands and appointments. When it comes to appointments, the only one I enjoy is a massage. I found this lady who massages and kind of puts a healing touch on you. Not sure how I feel about her chakra adjustments, but I let her have a go at it since I like relaxing there for 1.5h every week.

I also made an appointment at a gynecologist. Good to check the “equipment” and get the annual pap smear test for cervical cancer done. As I’m lying in the chair spreading my legs, the male gynecologist looks at me and says; -“I think I know you”… Well, turns out we used to go to the same Crossfit gym. It was a bit strange having a conversation about training while he’s digging between my legs and pointing at the ultrasound hahhaaaaa… I was just happy he didn’t find a baby in there 😉

He was also very pedagogical and even pulled out a vagina model explaining something that I don’t remember any more…

Also went to the dentist and he reported no issues – yay! Still dealing with the DMV and trying to renew my drivers license online, but hopefully I will get it sorted asap.

This week we also launched my new Puma Swede t-shirt line. I love them and there will be more girls and designs coming. If you want your own, visit https://dancebarnaby.com/

Content had to be created… People need to be satisfied 🙂

Hit the park for workouts. I also tried to adjust my eating habits. I think this is the first week in a veeeery long time I’ve gone without eating any chips. I LOVE CHIPS! Even held a bag in my hand in the store yesterday, and then repeated 5 times in my head – “put it back, put it back…” and I left the store without any chips! I just want to get over my habit of treating myself to an overdose of sugar & chips every weekend.

Called Baywatch and suggested they make a Puerto Rican version… Look, I’m ready!

Hope you are doing great wherever in the world you are 🙂

Hugs, Puma

I thought I’d give you an update how it’s going with our clothing line – Pussitive. 

I love being creative, and I have a need for a creative outlet where I get to use my hands. For the past year I’ve been buying clothes and pimping them out. Building them up with patches, feathers, bling, and paint. 

I get so excited over my own creativity and ideas. I think I’m like the next Jean Paul Gaultier, and see models on a catwalk wearing Pussitive, camera flashes going off, red carpet being rolled out… And then I have to bring myself back to earth. Sometimes I have to reassemble the patches, the colors don’t feel right… Doubt hits me – is it really that good? I go back to reworking it. Most of the time I go “wow”! Who wouldn’t want to wear this?  I know, I have the confidence of my friends 5 year old, who’s convinced she’s going to be a rockstar.

Through trial and error I’ve learned to stop being too cocky and cutting without measuring first. There are holes that have become too big, shirts too short, and me wondering why I cut something in the first place. Patience is not my strongest virtue! I’m getting better though.

Now I’m in the midst of creating a Shopify store. They always make it sound like you’ll have a website ready with just a couple of clicks. Yeah right… Links don’t work, the navigation is all wrong, pictures are the wrong size… But after getting frustrated and having a coffee, I have to admit that it’s mostly myself f*cking up. Hard to admit, as I wish I could blame Shopify for not making it user-friendly enough hahahaaaa…. It’s getting better each day, and I’m excited to share it when it’s ready. My goal is to have it ready this month, fingers crossed. I have to put it out there so I put some pressure on myself 🙂

I shot my friend Masha in a couple of pieces last week. So much fun being behind the camera, and Masha looked superb! If she doesn’t want to become a Doctor, I told her she should be a supermodel!

It’s also great to see the clothing on someone else. But when I don’t have Masha around, I make the best of it by myself 🙂

What you think? Much more to come, but please give feedback and make sure to follow us on IG @pussitive_.

Everything is possible if it’s Pussitive!

XXX Puma