WOW, what a trip to St Barts we had! I think a week of detox and rest is needed after that. Not gonna happen since I’m off to Sweden on Wednesday, but #yolo

Our friends Jeff & Ashleigh had booked restaurants, clubs, and scouted out the best beaches so the rest of us just tagged along happily! I’ve been to St Barts before for a wedding, but didn’t explore the island then. I really loved being there and will most likely go there again πŸ™‚

First night we had dinner at Le Tamarin. Easy start and all well behaved…

If you snooze you lose! So no time for hangovers or sleep-in’s, and we got picked up and hiked down to Colombier beach. WOW! We saw goats on the hike down, and there were only a few people on the beach. I liked that they’re also cool with people being topless on the beaches! A bit of titty never killed anyone!

Some cool look out spots…

Sorry for crashing your romantic pic Jeff & Ash πŸ˜‰

More eating and drinking at night. Restaurant Santa Fe, yummy!!!

Started classy and ended it even classier!

By our third day I probably had already gained 7 pounds hahahaaaa… Started with brunch at Shellona at Shell Beach. Spent some time on the beach after, and I love how clear and blue the water is around the island!

A little pre-party with the gang (as if we needed to party more) and then dinner at Hotel Le Toiny. The finale was at club Le Ti with sexy burlesque shows. Loved it and danced my ass off! Pink shoes or black ones?

I thought about sleeping in, but got #fomo. Went to Saline beach and I think that cured my hangover! Big waves and it was supposedly a nude beach, so I kept looking for naked people πŸ™‚ Like I haven’t seen enough naked people in my life hahahaaaa…

After it was lunch at Nikki Beach. So much fun! They played great music and I danced a dinner’s worth of calories off!

Not enough sugar though, so headed into town where they had gluten-free crepes after and stuffed my face!

I didn’t know that St Barts used to belong to Sweden. I found out because I asked why they had the Swedish flag up along with the French and American ones. It was cool to see street and other signs in Swedish when in Gustavia. This sign for is for where you pick up your alcohol…

The last night there we ate sushi at Orega. I had a mountain (even though tiny and expensive) of sashimi. I also had some really good lamb and sake too.

I wanted to finish off with a blast at Bagatelle, but no one else was having the same feeling as I did. Luckily I convinced Andrew, Jeff & Ash to JUST “have a look inside”. They took a look, and then we ended up dancing away our last night! Loved it!

It was a bit rough to get up at 6am yesterday morning though. Cool to fly this small plane to St Maarten πŸ™‚

After a delayed flight from St Maarten to Puerto Rico we finally got home. Already on my second cup of coffee, and working on a lot of stuff before I leave for Sweden!

Kisses, Puma

…season and all the lights, candles, decorations, and that most people get a little nicer and smiles come easier! In Sweden you’re not supposed to set your Christmas tree up until 2 days before Christmas Eve, and then decorate it. I like to enjoy my tree for as long as possible, and last year the tree stayed up from Thanksgiving to June. It only came down because we were moving. I think this time my tree will be up for the whole year πŸ™‚ Decorated it this weekend.

Of course I didn’t just throw some balls up in my tree, but it all had to be documented and filmed for content πŸ™‚ In case you were wondering why I taste the #blueballs hahahaaaa…

And while in the holiday spirit and face painted, why waste it. Threw up some gold fringe curtains and shot that too…

This weekend I visited a pop art exhibit at the mall here. It was artist that had made pieces that you could interact with. I’m never one to shy away from a photo opportunity, so I went at it like a 5 year old would!

After working out yesterday I saw the chiropractor again. His name is actually Angel, which I think is as cool as being named Jesus. But after stretching me while having cups on I changed his name to Devil. It was pretty painful, but good.

Had to shoot a couple of custom videos after, and realized my backside wasn’t very photogenic! Luckily guys mostly pay attention to my front side anyways for some reason so it all worked out hahhaaaaa…

Went to the fancy mall last night because Andrew needed to get some outfits for St Bart. Andrew’s best friend is getting married there and we head out tomorrow to celebrate. I was just supposed to help and look for outfits. Instead I walked into a store and tried on a couple of dresses. The girl in the store was throwing compliments at me so I fell for it and bought them hahahaaa… Oh, didn’t take a picture of me in them, but I did enjoy the mirrors!

The couple getting married, Jeff & Ashleigh, are actually coming to Puerto Rico today so taking them for some coffee and food today πŸ™‚

Kisses, Puma

Finished 2 great books. The first one a big heavy one – “The Border” by Don Winslow. Exciting, but a lot of people to keep track of. Main character Art Keller is an old school guy fighting the Mexican drug cartel. Violence, torture, young guys with drug money, American politicians, and the police makes good action. I haven’t read the 2 previous books in this series, but I don’t feel you need to. In the video I also recommend another awesome book by Winslow – ‘The Winter of Frankie Machine’ – so good!

Also finished the book – ‘The Girl who Lived Twice’ by David Lagercrantz. I love the Millennium series, and this is the 6th and final book. I read them all and I think the first books are more exciting. Still worth a read!

I just have to post this picture of Andrew’s book taste. Anyone want a review? Hahahaaa…

And to all the Swede’s reading this – Glad fΓΆrsta Advent πŸ™‚

Hope you all had a great weekend! I will show pics from mine tomorrow πŸ™‚ The picture on top of this post is from Saturday.

Kisses, Puma

I was supposed to write this yesterday, but I ran out of time before I had to head out. I wanted to ask you what you are thankful for, and share what I am thankful for.

I feel there are the obvious things that most of us appreciate and are grateful for like family, health, and friends. But another thought hit me now when reading the book “Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch. In the book there are several worlds where we exist simultaneously. Not to reveal too much, but in the book one man can enter different worlds where he exists. He is the same, but different realities, situations, and the world is also different. That made me think that if I could choose to step into another reality, what would I choose? To be royal? A billionaire? To be famous for something else? To be married to Quentin Tarantino? Live in the future? I was thinking of different scenarios and came to the conclusion that I’m perfectly happy where I am now, with what I have in my life and with what I do. I wouldn’t change it. That feels pretty good to me. OK, for a day I might want to check myself out in the year 2050 to just now what’s there. So I guess I’m thankful that I feel that I am right where I want to be. How about you? Would you rather be someplace else? Do something else?

Yesterdays potluck for Thanksgiving was awesome. Met new people, we ate, drank, and shared stories about how we all ended up in Puerto Rico. I did manage to mix too many drinks so I was not too thankful for the headache this morning πŸ™ Wish I could blame someone other than myself…

No Black Friday shopping for me today. I want things, but I don’t need them (or maybe I’m just too hungover to head out), so instead I’ll be watching some Game of Thrones and eating chips πŸ™‚

Kisses, Puma

…days left in Puerto Rico before a trip next week, and then off to Sweden for Christmas. I wanted to finish a lot of stuff, but instead I got overwhelmed and decided it’s a good idea to go and drink coffee while making a plan. That led to me not getting as much done as I wanted, and and then I was pissed. Luckily nothing is too urgent, and the world will keep spinning tomorrow even if I continue drinking my coffee and planning hahahaaa…

I saw a doctor finally about my spider veins and he injected them. I really hope it works because they bug me! Final results will show in about a month he said.

Shot a bunch of stuff too. Content is king they say, but I say I’m queen πŸ™‚

Got a couple of pics from my shoot in Phoenix too. Love the way they turned out and I think this is a pretty perfect “LBD – Little Black Dress”.

Joined another gym and trying it out. Making some progress on my pull ups…

This pic is an inside joke. If you watched Game Of Thrones and remember when Theon Greyjoy got his dick chopped off? In the next shot Ramsey is eating, and you are made to believe it’s the chopped off wiener. Found this Italian sausage and made me think of the scene…

So, Thanksgiving tomorrow. What’s your plans? I’m going to a friends house for potluck πŸ™‚

Kisses, Puma

I was dog-sitting Nina from Friday night to Saturday. Because she is so little, round and adorable, I let her sleep in bed with me. This is the face I woke up next to πŸ™‚

Before Masha the Russian took off on Friday we had dinner and wine. We stopped by Walmart because I needed cleaning supplies, and instead I ended up getting pregnant πŸ˜‰ Sorry, I have a weird sense of humor at times…

On Saturday morning we went to a beach I’ve never been to – Vacia Talega. So nice and barely any people there! And the water here is still warm like a bath.

Stopped for some pinchos & fresh cevice on the way home! Yum yum… I intended to take a picture of the feast, but we were so hungry I forgot about it!

That’s pretty much all I managed for my Saturday except for a nap, reading, and 3 episodes of Game of Thrones. Yes, I’m probably one of the last ones to watch it. I loved the books and still waiting for the 2 last books to be finished!

Kisses, Puma

The week in LA passed by waaay too fast! I think I opened my computer twice when I was there, and the rest of the time we were on the go!

I took an Uber straight from the airport to meet up with Sandy for lunch at Erewhon. When we were leaving I couldn’t help myself, and just had to snap a pic of this dog taking care of his business. Did the woman pick it up after? Fuck no…

I had to do some shopping for outfits and toys for shoots. We are still wondering what this mini-penis is used for???

We made it down to OC too to see our friend Cindy. Always gorgeous and it was great to catch up with her!

Shot some cool stuff too, and it helps when your best friend is an awesome make up artist and glams you up! Thank you Sandy!

Oh, and the kids were pretty much constant companions from the moment we got back to the house. We were drawing, doing make up, dressing up, and then there were various made up games that I just went along with it hahahaaa… I think here we’re drawing kitty-town!

What do you do in LA on a weekend? Party! We did dinner and drinks, popped by 1Oak, and then we went to Raspoutine. I can say it’s the best club and music I’vev been to in a while, and I could’ve been dancing till 6am if they didn’t close at 2am!

No time to sleep in (or be hungover) when kids march right over you at 8am bringing balloons, and apparently it was picnic time in my bed right then!

I also made it to Phoenix, AZ to shoot a whole day with @dezertimagez. A lot of bikinis and skimpy outfits. Just my style πŸ™‚

A couple of times I went to set with Sandy when she was doing make-up. I was obviously very helpful when not napping hahahaaa…

Somewhere in there I managed to squeeze in a mani-pedi, spotted this cool cat, went to a kids birthday party and got a dick-looking-balloon, saw 2 cool Porsches ( I want a GT3 by the way), and I even took pics of flowers like a grandma hahahhaaa…

I think that covered pretty much everything. I will give you a couple of my favorite spots in LA next. Also read a couple of great books, but now I need a latte and later I hope for wine with the Russian πŸ™‚

Kisses, Puma

Living in Puerto Rico sometimes tests your patience! Yesterday the water went out in most of the San Juan area. Apparently some construction was happening and someone hit a water pipe or something, and the water had to be turned off. Predictions are that the water should be back on tonight. You don’t miss things or realize how much you appreciate them before they’re taken away from you. Can’t flush the toilet, wash your hands, clean dishes, shower… Thankfully there are babywipes hahahaaa… And at the store the waters were almost out. My solution, buy wine!

On Thursday I shot with a great photographer and a videographer. There’s always a bit of fumbling around until you get into the flow with someone new. In the adult industry there’s a lot of exaggerated facial expressions and making the “aaah’s, ooohs” with your mouth. The poses can also resemble pcertain positions you might see in the movies. I think the best pictures we captured were right at the end on the rooftop as the sun was going down. He just told me to move around naturally and he’d snap away. Wow, I really loved those pics! The best part was that when I’m there butt-naked on the rooftop, I see the photographer and video guy suddenly stop shooting. I turn around, and look behind my back because apparently someone is there. Well, the owner of the building came up to the rooftop with some other guy. The owner and guy looked pretty surprised, but acted cool hahaaaa… The owner goes to the same gym as me, and I know he’s cool luckily! I only have some pics getting my hair done by Jaime before the shoot and a couple from the shoot. More will come!

Fun to shoot with such a pro, and we have planned another shoot in December. If you want to see his work you can find him on IG – @sinarte_ Sometimes you don’t have a pro around, and have to make do with your own skills πŸ™‚

Or just settle with a selfie from the “throne”…

In glamour shoots they usually use a fan to get the hair flying beautifully. Well guess what? My air-conditioner does the same trick LOL…

Masha the Russian and Nina the Frenchie came by too this week…

I did a interview for a Swedish site from the neighborhood where I was born πŸ™‚ For you Swede’s who wants to read it, here’s the link –