…the show/documentary based on my book “My Life As a Pornstar” aired. I hope all of you Swede’s saw it 🙂 I’ve received a few emails from people who said they watched it and liked it. Mostly women write, and almost every time I’ve been in TV or done an interview they all are positively surprised. It’s like people think that because you are in porn, you can only moan and barely form sentences hahahaaa… There are a lot of people in the sex industry with various forms of education and degrees, but who have chosen this line of work because they enjoy it. That’s hard for some people to believe, and something I bring up in the show – I have chosen to be in porn out of free will! There was no drug abuse, broken childhood, or a pimp that forced it me. I just love to be naked and to know people enjoy my work!

Because my experiences on set, dancing at clubs, being at conventions, etc have always been great, and I’ve always had a great time, I also point out that I have never recommended anyone to get into porn. Why? There are people who’ve gotten into the business and been short sighted about it, or perhaps not thought it through properly and later regret it. Maybe their family or friends turned their backs on them and they have no one to turn to after. It’s hard to come back to a regular job. I always point out that your scenes will always be online and people will find out. There are people out there that do not accept porn or the people who do it. My advice has always been to think long and hard (long and hard, really…) about your decision, and if you’re going to do it, plan long term, have a business plan, and save your money! Or at least a little 🙂

Today there is also this article in Aftonbladet – https://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/a/P9E47z/puma-swede-om-karriarbytet-efter-porren-bara-nagra-hogskolepoang-bor

It talks about how I want to educate today’s kids about sex. I didn’t have access to Internet as a kid, and I tried to look up stuff like ‘hard on’ in my mom’s dictionary without any results hahahaaa… Today the kids watch porn and I think they need to be informed on the differences between reality and porn. They know the holes and words, but they need to know a no is a no, how to set boundaries, and not agree to anything you’re not comfortable with! I feel I’m a great person to talk about all of this and I plan to do it! Sex is and should be fun at all times!

If you missed the show, you can see it here – https://www.dplay.se/program/puma-swede-mitt-liv-som-porrstjarna

This is the last day of recording the show in Sweden. I believe I’m so famous I need a train station named after me, and apparently I have it!

Kisses, Puma

…Canggu, Bali yeay! Booked tickets today and going in the beginning of August for who knows how long. We were there for a month in March this year and I loved it! The people are really nice, the food is delicious plus healthy, and there are so many places to choose from! They also have pretty much any form of exercise you wanna participate in. We started with crossfit, but found Nirvana, a gymnastics gym that kicked ass, even my tiny one 😉

Here are some pics. The house we stayed at… That swan in the pool accidentally was punctured and deflated by “someone”…

Food & juices and my ‘must-have’ – Great Coffee!

Nirvana Gym. Did cupping and the place has a sauna, pool, kitchen, hot tub, cold plunge.. and coffee.

Visited the Monkey Sanctuary and a monkey came running to me and I got so excited until I realized he pissed on my neck and backpack hahhahahaaa..

Best place for an exhibitionist like me to stay in 😉 Shower and toilet outdoors, and a swing!

Can’t remember the name of this great spot, but I will go back there… And there was a swing there too…

And just some more randoms around town… And me…

Can’t wait to go back, and so many friends coming to visit too!

Kisses, Puma

…and especially unique ones. Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Midsommar. I knew nothing of it in beforehand. It took me by surprise and I liked it a lot. The basic plot is some American students head over to a weird Midsummer celebration in Sweden. A little bit of a cult action, inbreeding, deaths and so on, and there were a couple of times I had to look away because it was so graphic! I like the unexpected and I would recommend it if you are open minded 🙂

I’m very excited about Quentin Tarantino’s new movie – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood! I love all of his movies except for The Hateful Eight. Also waiting for Diamantino to premier in Sweden so I can see it. From the trailer they showed in the theater yesterday it looked hilarious!

Laters, Puma

…like 5-0. Friday evening started in a well-behaved manner with sushi and drinks at Katrin’s place with Carro. Some Swedish hits from the 90’s, some dance moves in the bathroom while someone was taking care of business, and I obviously felt it was a Kodak moment!

I think our Uber driver was fed up with our karaoke in his car, and he’s trying to block us out hahahaaa…

From here on I have no more pics or videos in my phone, and that might be for the best because Snaps was being served. Drinking Snaps is like thinking you’ll win in Vegas. No, the house always wins, and the Snaps always kicks my ass!

This is a picture from Saturday morning (more like noon) when I ventured out to buy coffee in an attempt to pull myself together. I managed to bring it home and then this… I was too hungover to even get upset!

My auntie turned 80-something, and I went there with my cousin bringing flowers and cake. I ate too much cake and passed out on her couch. Luckily she’s a cool-ass lady who understands youthful(?) nights outs and need for recovery…

Since I slept with my makeup on from Friday (no, you’re not supposed to) I just caked on some more and went out for dinner. We celebrated Andrew’s birthday and I ordered the fattiest cheeseburger with fries, yummy! No Snaps. Great views, company and cheeseburger! Then a couple of more drinks at Bananas. Luckily I managed not to go bananas. Just had Linda dry hump my leg hahahaaa…

Sunday funday now. What to do? Not sure what I’ll get up to, but a coffee now sounds like a great idea. Luckily I have 3 coffee places within a 5min walk to choose from!

Enjoy your day!

Kisses, Puma

Friday and it’s party time! Going out with Katrin who definitely knows how to party! I don’t like being told to slow down or chill, and Katrin just keeps the same pace. She might not get half naked, but otherwise she’s the best company if you wanna have fun! I erased the word ‘mellow’ from my vocabulary a long time ago. A mellow night out? Boooriiing…

Haven’t had time to take any pics, so here’s a couple of #flashbackfriday pics from Katrin’s 40th birthday in Nice a couple of years ago. It was one for the books! Yes, she hired some male strippers too hahahaaa…

OK, need to put the warpaint on, then it’s cheers and ‘in i dimman’ as we say in Swedish (in to the fog). Pretty accurate cause it all tends to get pretty foggy the later it gets hahahhaaaa.

Kisses, Puma

My blog that is! So if you already are familiar with me you probably skipped the About Me page so I’ll do a short recap on what’s going on here. I want to share more about myself other than just my ‘cavities’ and other talents you might have witnessed online. The less clothed activities still exist, just not on here. Maybe more in an informal way rather than the in-and-out type of way hahahaaa…

I’ll jump straight to it. I have always had a challenging time participating in Swedish mainstream TV. You might guess why? Me being me and my line of work is what makes people hesitant to include me. Earlier this year we shot an episode for a Swedish TV show based on my book ‘My Life As a Pornstar’. The footage is really funny, and from what I’ve seen it looks like it’s going to be great! I’m obviously a great talent in front of the camera from my previous experience hahhahahaaa… One of the funniest things we shot was a custom video I did with one of my best friends Sandy wearing Superwoman costumes. This is airing next week on Wednesday and when I know it’s out I’ll share a link! Here’s a trailer.

Some behind the scenes shots…

Working at a cafe now and then off to put on some eyelash extensions. Things get so much easier when you can bat some lashes at people!

The sun has made an appearance in Stockholm finally! I was supposed to swim yesterday at my friends place, but I like the sun to shine for at least 2 mins before disappearing behind clouds before I take a plunge!

Laters, Puma

…finally launch this blog. Still some small fixes to be taken care of, but I’ll take care of them along the way. Patience is not my biggest virtue!

Been in Sweden for a week now and it’s quite a contrast to come from sunny superhot Puerto Rico, to a Swedish summer that could be summarized like Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get… Same goes for Swedish weather (specially in the summer), you never know what you get! I love it though and it’s nice not to be moist in all the wrong places constantly hahahaa…

Mostly I’ve been seeing my family & friends and catching up. Felt lost when I finally got my ass to the gym yesterday, but damn it felt good to move, stretch and lift some weights!

On Sunday my friend “Teddan” fixed lunch and then we met up with her neighbor that has this amazing cool car called a Cuda. My sister did my make up and styled me looking like a female version of a pimp.

My styling is more like “less-is-less”…

Oh, Teddan also has these “guys” who go by @bobbythebodyswede on IG and they were a bit clingy to say the least and crashed the photoshoot a couple of times 🙂

One of my and pretty much everyone else’s favorite person in Sweden to see is Mark Levengood. A Finn-Swede like me with a cuter accent that you just love hearing when he tells stories, and stories he has! He has a crazy office with crystal chandeliers, a throne, blinking lights and pretty much every other weird, glitzy shiny thing you can think of. Love hanging out there and met these cute boys Emil & Jack there too. Taking a picture together becomes a masquerade and I begged for the crown. One is never too old for princess shit!

More to come!

Kisses, Puma

I’m an expert on leaving shit to be done till the last minute. I finish things on the “fitthåret” as we say in Swedish. Google it if you want to translate it hahhaaaa… Luckily my friend Linda from Sweden was visiting me so I made good use of her having her move half of my stuff to the new apartment. The new apartment is on the same street, but on the top floor with no elevator, 32 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity, so we were sweating and swearing! Yes, I still had my Xmas tree up and finally packed it down only because I had to move it. I don’t see a reason why a Xmas tree (even though plastic) isn’t considered a plant that you can have out year-round?

At the airport chilling and getting a bad mani/pedi and receiving the news that our flight to Florida is 5h delayed so would miss the connecting flight to Stockholm. What to do? Drink a glass of wine, change plans and fly to New York instead for a day and watch the Pride parade 🙂 Oh and drink more wine when there!

Even though delayed, the flight finally took off to Sweden and I passed out as soon as my ass hit the seat.

When in Stockholm and in the taxi, just wanting to be ‘home’, the taxi driver explains we’re taking a detour since the freeway is closed cause a truck has tipped over. But hey, we made it!

No time to even shower before my nephew picked us up and went over to mom’s who makes the best meatballs!

Crashed at 10.30pm and Sweden has daylight 24/7 in the summer so it’s like going to bed in the middle of the day. But feels good to be home!

Kisses, Puma

…bänka sig för det är mycket som skall hinnas med! Skönt att träna på morgonen och inte tänka på allt som skall fixas utan bara lyfta och svettas!

Sen drog jag med Linda och posta iväg trosor över hela världen. Ett par BH’s och strumpbyxor också. Sen Uber till telefonbutiken och låsa upp en telefon. För varmt att gå. Svetten lackas så fort man utom räckvidd från AC’n. Sen äntligen äta och vidare till stranden. Perfekt ljummet vatten och vi låg och guppa som två måsar i vågorna – perfekt!

Vidare till Marshall’s och handla lösögonfransar, strumpor och kassar att packa i. Laga mat hemma och protein pastan smaka skit. Käkar lite kakor nu istället Masha är på väg hit och skall tvätta. Jag ska packa tills jag somnar. Sveriges sommar kan ju bjuda på både regn, högtryck, mittemellan och om inte till och med hagel så får ju packa med lite av varje. Man inser hur skönt och enkelt det är att bo i ett land där man kan gå halvnaken varje dag utan att frysa!

Imorn koll hos tandläkaren och sen få nycklarna till nya lyan. Eftersom det är lite manana style här så räknar jag med att de inte hunnit få klart allt i lägenheten. Håll 5 tummar! Och sen mer packa…

Puss Puman

This is a trial post so more to come in English. Bare with me! My blond brain tries to figure this all out and having a bit of a meltdown hahahaaa…

Kisses, Puma