Wohoooo, one more year of experience and adventures added to my life! I left Bali Friday the 13th on my birthday, and went to the island Nusa Penida right outside of Bali. Cool island with amazing views, cliffs & beaches with turquoise waters, but terrible roads! Almost needed to get my back and neck realigned after riding around the island by car. Saw a a couple crash with their bike, and another couple told us they had a flat tire on their bike 3 times in 2 days!

First nights stay was at a villa made completely out of bamboo. Very cool with toilet (toilet obviously not made out of bamboo) and shower under the skies! The driver got lost getting us there, and what should’ve been a 15min drive from the ferry became 1 hour and 15min. The driver seemed so sure of knowing where the villa was, but after arriving back at the harbor after an hour up in the mountains he agreed to call the place and get directions hahhaaa… Relaxed by the pool and went dining with a newly married couple from Luxembourg. One cool thing about traveling is meeting people across the globe. They convinced us to go to Lebanon, so it’s now on my bucket list of places to visit!

Second day we got picked up at 7.30 and went snorkeling hoping to see Manta Rays. Well, we did spot one and I tried to catch it with my GoPro. Can you see it? Hahahaaaa…

I didn’t get as good of a look as I had hoped, and instead got burned or stung, not sure which one, by jellyfish. Ouch! There was a lot of them and people on the boat got really bad marks. Kind of didn’t want to jump in after that in the other spots because you could see them surrounding the boat. People were jerking around in the water as they got stung/burned one by one. Still cool to see the island from a boat.

After snorkeling we toured the west side of the island, and saw one of the most photographed spots on the island – Kelingking Beach. I probably took 50 pics myself hahahaaa…Would’ve been a 40min hike down to the beach so just checked it out from the above – WOW!

On the East side we checked out Diamond Beach and hiked down. Amazing place! The hike down was no joke, and sometimes there was nothing to hold on to. We were pretty much sliding down on our asses at some spots. Only sure death if you fell down. Luckily we went there late when it wasn’t too crowded and made it down & up in one piece 🙂 It was nice to go swim in the waves to cool down after making it down!

The 2nd night we stayed at this supercool treehouse. From the treehouse you could see Diamond Beach, and I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a place with a better view! On top of that there was a bright red full moon that someone said will not be seen until 2048 the next time!

BUT, in the morning around 6 o’clock people started to climb the stairs to the treehouse to take pictures. One guy even came up and sat down on the bench right outside our door to watch the sunrise. Since it’s a house in the trees the whole house was swaying as people were going up and down. I got up too because I couldn’t sleep, and checked the sun rise on top of the hill. Around 7.30 I noticed barely any people on the stairs, and wondered what happened. As I went down to shower later I got my explanation LMAO!

A bit cheeky I think since we paid to stay there and then they charge people to take pictures on the stairs. Well, it was still worth it as I think the pictures show!

Really good birthday weekend. When we got back to Bali yesterday we went straight to the airport and picked my sister up who’s now here for almost a week yay!

XXX Puma

…in hearing me talk about sex, here’s a fresh podcast I did with Nirvana Strength Gym. Don’t be fooled; not much gym talk going on, more about sex, relationships, and the porn industry. You find it on Spotify, but I’ll spare you the search and here’s the link – https://open.spotify.com/episode/0UVHQf14YwTXpyxziuV54t?si=sfR61i1QQsOnqj7obdKlbw

Not just podcasting with the gym, but been going and lifting, stretching, mobilizing & sweating!

Tried some new coffee shops and restaurants this week too. I get comfortable and go to the same places because I like to know I’ll love what I get. I’ve occasionally got to take a chance though, and I found new places that’ve been great! I know, no pics of the food, but I think people’s food pics are boring, so instead you get me! I’m pretty edible too 😉

One of the greatest finds this past weekend (or worst health wise) was that a store carried Swedish Cheesedoodlez! Got too f*cking excited to just pass up on them, and pretty much downed the bag in one sitting. Disgusting breath, cheezy fingers, and half the doodlez mashed up in your gums like you never brushed your teeth. Was it worth it – hell yes!

Went to read at the beach this weekend, and it was relaxing being overcast so I could get a break from sweating!

Got some content done too! Pervs always in the need 🙂

Oh, and I got these awesome pineapple/I Love Bali panties from Linda when she was here so we could match! Love them & Bali 🙂

My birthday is on Friday so taking off to an island outside of Bali for the weekend. So excited and hope I get to snorkel with manta-rays! That would be amazing to see one!

Laters people and have an amazeballs week!


Sometimes when I talk to my friends, or scroll social media (quotes like “Push yourself because no else is going to do it for you”), I alternate between feeling fortunate or lazy. Most of my friends have 2 kids, work full time, take kids to various practices, work out themselves, and the ultra achieving ones also run their own company with employees. Where the hell do they find the time?!?! Me personally, I have a full day when I wake up sometime between 8-9 am, eat breakfast, workout 1-2h, eat lunch, shoot and reply to messages on my sites, dinner, and finish off by watching an episode or two of a series and read. Pass out around midnight – 1am. When I have meetings this disrupts my daily flow, because I actually have an obligation to be somewhere at a specific time. I prefer to wing things, keep it spontaneous, but I’m also pretty much never late. At times I feel fortunate that I can schedule my days however I want, and work when I want. Other times I wonder if I’m lazy? Most of the time I don’t feel lazy, just free. Freedom to me is very important and laziness can be OK too. I just never want to look back and know I could’ve done more. I’m a believer in saying yes to things 🙂

Anyways, lazy or not, I workout like I’m putting Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame! Not really, but 4 classes in 2 days made me feel like I could kick the Terminators ass, but in reality I was sore pretty much everywhere!

Some more pics and videos for what I hope are happy and desiring fans!

Yesterday I met up with an amazing girl I got to know in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Padd! Always smiling and laughing, and she’s a badass in the gym. She’s the same age as me, and strolls around with a 6-pack like it was the most natural thing in the world. Makes me wonder why I still have a soft-pack? But I made sure to confirm my tits are still bigger hahahaaa… Always something! Ate and did some catching up, and hopefully doing a movement class together later today.

And then Puma as normal as I can be 🙂

Oh, I loved this quote I saw – I don’t care if you judge me. Cause of it you’re a piece of shit. Hahhaaaa, I love that!

Now I’m gonna order one more latte and draw some. Need to get that creativity back on track! Shooting tomorrow and hope to start posting more videos on here too! With clothes on that is hahahaaa…

Kisses, Puma

The adult industry in recent years has changed, and I’m no longer dependent on companies or studios to get my content out there. There are so many sites and services to choose for content – texting, videos, photos, cam shows, custom videos, and Snapchat to name what comes to mind. I’m fine working wherever in the world as long as I have my camera and internet. It’s a great freedom, and I love being the creative one coming up with my own scenarios. Kind of like role playing. One day I’m a dominant bitch, another a yoga practitioner, and a different day I’m being spied on in the shower. Never boring 🙂 That being said, it’s also sometimes hard to be your own boss and keep somewhat of a schedule and routine. I’m a hard worker though (most of the time), and I love what I do, so it makes it pretty much a piece of cake!

After my friend Linda left last week I’ve been working it. Work kind of becomes half assed when you have friends over and want to run around town with them. The great thing is that none of my friends are prude and gladly(I hope) hold the camera when I need content which makes it easier. I don’t think me nor my friends ever would’ve thought we’d be this comfortable in explicit situations as we are today hahahaaaa… Feels completely natural to be naked as it should be!

So here’s some samples of me working myself…

Other than work I’ve been catching up on reading, relaxing, and trying to become a liiiitle bit more mobile and stronger at the gym 🙂

Writing this at a cafe now and just downed a shot tray with 6 different elixirs to hopefully stay in good health!

Hope you all had a great start on this week!

Much Love, Puma

I follow some animal accounts on Instagram. I love cute animal videos as well as stories about animals being rescued from horrible owners, slaughter, or just adopted. There are also accounts that report and try to catch the horrible and cruel people who torture and mistreat animals. One of them that I follow is @animalhopeandwellness. Their profile reads – We go undercover into slaughterhouses, to bear witness for the world to see. Their last post was about a horrific person who tortured his dog by pouring boiling water on it while the dog was in a cage. The offender also shot a video beating another dog with a bat and posted it. @animalhopeandwellness has hired an investigation firm to try to locate this disgusting a**hole! You can read more about this on their Instagram. Very graphic content! I just donated to them and I urge you to support them as well!

This is their website where you can read about them and donate – https://www.animalhopeandwellness.org/

While I’m at it I’ll share 2 other accounts that I follow and have donated to before – @goatsofanarcy & @blackjaguarwhitetiger.

When I settle down in one place I hope to have a farm and rescue animals too!

Be fantastic and please donate!

Kisses, Puma

…fun having friends visit you, but so sad when they leave. It feels empty when you pretty much hang 24/7 and then they’re gone… Linda left today and I’ll see her in Sweden for Christmas next 🙂

The brunch on Sunday was at W Hotel in Seminyak. Wow, so much food and what do you always do when it’s a buffet? Overeat! I really love their Babi Guling aka suckling pig over here! The hotel grounds were also very nice, especially the entrance and the cool art by Alec Monopoly in the reception!

Since we were in Seminyak we spent the rest of the day and night there checking the place out… Definitely gonna go get blown there at some point!

Our favorite was dinner at Bikini Restaurant. Not what you would think. No bikinis and their tasting menu paired with the cocktails was definitely not bikini-body-friendly hahhaaa… Wow, the food was amazing, great service and cool bathrooms. Definitely visit this place if here!

Always posing, strutting and peacocking… And swimming to cool my hotness down 😉

Yesterday we squeezed in all the final stuff and Linda also got a beautiful tattoo! It was great having you here Linda!

We laughed at these 2 pics. One is for Instagram, the other one kind of reality…

Kisses, Puma

…write that “friends that ride together, die together”, but that is a bit too dramatic. My friend Linda who’s visiting me in Bali and I took a shortcut through the rice fields with the bike. Me driving, Linda in the back. I just finished telling her the story of when I saw a couple that crashed into the rice field. We then stopped to let a car pass on the opposite side of a narrow road, but when I put my foot down the cement was missing, and we took a one meter drop into the rice field with bike and all. We were lucky we landed softly in a mud pool hahahahaaa… Thankfully no rice was hurt and we both got a free mud bath! 3 strong locals pulled us and the bike up, and we had to go back home and clean up instead of watching the sunset on the beach…

Other than crashing into rice fields, we train, get massages, swim, eat, shop, shitchat, and explore…

This cat is so cute! It visits this restaurant and tries to steals your food hahahaaa… Fuck it, we let him!