Getting a little bit of everything done here. Went hiking with my cousin and got some great views over Stockholm.

Good thing this bear was a fake one. I have a bit of phobia for bears. I really want to go to Alaska, but I was reading about all the bears there. Read all about how to react if you come across a bear, but I think I might just scream and run hahhaaaa… Or do this! Puma vs Bear…

During a fika this weekend a guy told me about an art exhibition happening. The cool thing about it was that the artist is a guy from where I grew up. He’s also a famous music artist from the group Latin Kings and his name is Dogge Doggelito.

He is also going to Puerto Rico this weekend to work on his music. Oh, and I compared my boob-size to this mannequin doll to boost my confidence 🙂

And how cute was this dog?

Went by Linda’s house yesterday. After dinner it was game time. We played this weird ass game where you put this plastic device in your mouth to prevent you from closing it. Then you pic a card and try to say what it says. You look like an idiot, drool and make no sense, since it’s impossible to pronounce the words with your mouth stretched open. I loved it!

Then just me being me. With more or less clothing…

When there’s sun in Sweden, you better soak it in. Don’t know when it will show up next 😉

And love my new custom bracelet that I wanted to say Villipeto. It kind of means ‘wild beast’ in Finnish. Fitting I thought hahahaaaaa… From

A week from now I got new boobs wohooooo 🙂

Kisses, Puma

How are you guys? All good here in Sweden. First thing I always do when arriving in Sweden is head straight over to mom. She always makes pancakes for me and I brought over ‘semlor’. A ‘semla’ is a Swedish wheat bun spiced with cardamom. Put on a layer of almond paste and a lot of whipped cream and cover it in powdered sugar. YUMMY! We even have a national ‘semmeldagen’ coming up now on 25th of February.

Some catching up with friends. Yesterday we were a bunch who had dinner.

I kind of learned that it is smart to take the pics in the beginning of the night, (before the drinks) or they end up looking like this… 

Got some hangover cure today!

Also trying to read some, but Nelly the cat, is interfering!

So I tried to get a proper picture with her and get her to look in the camera! 

Talking about books I have to recommend you this one. Read it a while ago, but saw it in the bookstore at the airport. True story about Elisabeth Holmes and one of the biggest scams in Silicon Valley. “By 2015, Forbes named Holmes the youngest and wealthiest self-made female billionaire in America on the basis of a $9 billion valuation of her company”. I thought the book was really interesting. A little bit like the book about Elon Musk which I also enjoyed.

Stay awesome and enjoy your weekend!

Kisses, Puma

On the flight over I watched an interesting program about how we make decisions. More like how we “behave” in certain situations, and what our actions are based on when making a specific decision. 

One example was of a woman dressed in business attire who falls on the street. Do people stop to help her? This was filmed with hidden cameras. Yes, people stopped and helped her up, but then the same woman was dressed in trashy and dirty clothes and fell. No one stopped and helped her. These situations always make me think about what I would’ve done in a situation like that? I obviously want to think I would’ve helped both, well dressed or not, but I guess I can’t give an honest answer until I’ve been in that situation.  

Another made up example. A train is rushing on the tracks without brakes. If it continues straight it will run-over 4 people, but if you pull a switch, the tracks will divert the running train to a sidetrack and only one person on the tracks is killed. Obviously everyone thought it’s better to pull the switch and divert the train so it “only” kills one person, but what happens if that one person is a relative of yours? Then people sacrificed the 4 people. It had to do with how we want to “save” our lineage, and obviously the fact that we know the person. Same situation, but you stand up on a bridge. You can push a stranger to fall in front of the train. That person dies, but you save the 4 people + 1 person on the tracks. No one wanted to push a person to their death because that was considered murder, but they could pull a switch that diverted the train and killed 1 person instead of 4. 

Last example with a hidden camera showed people getting too much change back from a cashier. Do you tell the cashier and give the money back? Or keep it? There were 2 different situations. One where the cashier was nice, and the other one where she was rude. When she was nice, all the people told her she gave them too much change and returned it to her. When she was rude and unprofessional, all of the customers kept the extra change. This one I think most of us have experienced, and I have to admit that I haven’t always been honest. Like if they forgot to add say a appetizer on my check, I haven’t said anything. After being out partying in Stockholm, (when I was younger and poorer I have to add), and wanting to eat McDonald’s after, I would just walk up in front of the long lines at 5am and said that I’m still waiting for my Big Mac. I obviously hadn’t ordered or paid for it and it always worked. I “accidentally” rolled out with some free shelves from IKEA too once because they were in the bottom of the stroller-thingy and the cashier didn’t see them. Sorry Mickey D’s & IKEA 🙁 Have you done anything similar or are you an honest citizen? 

Kisses, Puma

…from Florida 🙂 Long ass layover here before my connecting flight to Stockholm. Luckily there’s coffee, wifi, magazines and books!

A funny note about Valentine’s Day. We went to the to the beach around lunch time. After about 1,5h I saw the sky was turning pretty dark. Decided to pack up and head home. Well, it took about 2 minutes and it was pouring! Felt like a minor storm. No shelter and after we came home like 20 min later we were drenched! It was actually pretty funny. It stopped raining pretty much as soon as we came home. Dinner, wine & tequila to the rescue 🙂

And fed a couple of homeless cats on our street too.

My plan was to travel to Thailand on the 21st of this month for a few days before the surgery. Asked the Doctor what he thought of me going to Bangkok since the ongoing Corona virus. He said a pretty firm no on the topic so I’ll listen to him. Don’t want to take any chances with my new boobs!

Excites as always to go home and see family and friends! Hit you up from Sweden!

Kisses, Puma

Anyone have any elaborate plans? Yesterday Masha and I took a walk on the beach, and we saw a candlelight dinner set for two. Red tablecloth, candles, and those fires that burn outdoors surrounding the couple. I hope they got some violin players later too to complete the Valentine’s ceremony 🙂 Me and Masha had to settle for a Valentine’s Snapchat filter 🙂

We had dinner in the rain last night. Romantic!

Whatever your plans are for today, I hope you receive some appreciation and give some to the people in your life. Mom called and wished “Happy Valentine” to us in Costa Rica. For the fifty-eleventh time I had to remind her it’s Puerto Rico and not Costa Rica. “Is it really that big of a difference?” she asked. Hahahaaaa, same same, but different Mom…

Some pics from this week. Really not good to live across a place that makes these donuts! I only wanted one until they informed me I can buy 3 and get 4.

Thinking of spending the day on the beach swimming and reading. Feel like relaxing and getting some sun before Sweden.

Have an awesomesauce day, Puma

…before I take off to Sweden. Unfortunately Alexander had the man-flu and had to take breaks between every set. Fed him some Ibuprofen and told him to be more like a woman with flu. Meaning you just ignore it and get shit done 😉 This is just my own pics from yesterday before the professional (with man-flu) turned up!

Sunday I hit the beach and used my bodyboard. So much fun!

Yesterday started with the gym. Did some back extensions and lifted some weights. I’m sore today!

Internet disappeared for a few hours yesterday so I went to Don Juan coffee shop and worked a bit. Also checked what’s new on Instagram 🙂

Notice I don’t always wear jeans shorts 🙂 Proof!

Time to eat and probably catch 1 or 2 episodes of the Netflix show Dark. Thanks for the tip to whoever recommended it in the comments! Really good. I’m a bit obsessed now if the future is predicted or is it all just a shit show of randomness? Anyone have any good books to recommend in that matter by the way?

Kisses, Puma

… with brunch with Masha and Nina. I gulped my burger down so fast so unfortunately no #foodporn pics, just us by a wall and Nina all over the place 🙂

Shot a bunch of stuff on Thursday with Alexander. Everything ranging from pillow fights in bed, to thigh high boots in the shower. Like you don’t wear boots and bikini in the shower? You’re weird…

Worked out yesterday. I’m kind of very experienced when it comes to handling balls so I got this!

Afterwards, Andrew and I finally went and bought a boxspring for the bed. Since we were in out workout clothes, we were going to show off and carry it home. Like getting a bonus workout. After 5 minutes, I was about ready to give up, and this guy came up to us. He had a truck and hauled us and the boxspring home. Just like that. Very nice!

Oh, I also have to recommend this awesome deodorant I’ve been using for over a week. I’ve read how the skin absorbs about 70% of what we put on it. This seems like a healthier and better option! This is what it says on Amazon where I bought mine: “Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone is made from crystallized natural mineral salts which kill odor causing bacteria”. You wet the ‘stone’ and roll it in your armpit. No residue and it works! Doesn’t really smell like anything. I’ve tried other natural deodorants, and they don’t work well, and they usually discolor clothing. Oh, and this lasts about a year.

Think it will be a mellow Saturday. I’m reading such a great book. I will make reviews for some of the good books I’ve read recently. Leaving you with these pics of me trying to look like I got caught on camera — which I wasn’t. Forced Andrew to take the pics! But the cool sky is all natural 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Kisses, Puma

…of a difference on what me and Andrew have on our screens when working. Can you guess which screen is mine? hahahaaaa…

Anyone here watch Super Bowl? I only saw some highlights the day after. In particularly one pic of Jennifer Lopez waving the Puerto Rican flag. Pretty cool I thought, but some people here in PR weren’t too happy about it. They said she’s claiming to be from the Bronx one second and from Puerto Rico the next. I still think it was cool! I went bowling instead. Usually I’m pretty good at bowling, but I was pretty damn bad this time. But it was fun! Playing with balls is always fun 😉

Otherwise shooting away. One shot at a time…

Hit the gym and gym kicked my ass in return…

Also got some work done at one of the best coffee shops here – Gusto’s.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow an other shoot with Alexander.

Kisses, Puma

Went to the Piñones beach again yesterday. Might be my favorite beach so far in Puerto Rico.

Also finished the series Rectify on Netflix. Wow, loved the show and recommend it if you haven’t seen it!