I finally figured that there’s no ‘right time’ to start this. I can try to perfect it and have more stuff figured out, but f*ck it – let’s go 🙂 There will be trial and error (there already has been), but I bitch a little, move on, and learn. 

Soooo, I’m launching a clothing brand. I know, I’m not exactly known to wear a lot of fabric, but when I do, I like it to be cool. I’m doing this with my sister, whom I’ll introduce more closely later on. One of us is more prone to attention than the other one hahhaaaa…

The concept is that we take new as well as old & vintage clothes and pimp them out. Instead of throwing it out, we remake it. By adding color, patches, bling, feathers, embrodery, fringe or whatever else it might be, we revamp it to something that we think looks more snazzy. Or more ‘off the mainstream’ and not so ‘lagom’ as the Swede’s like to use. ‘Lagom’ means ‘just enough’ and that’s not our motto with these pieces of clothing. 

We have a name and right now we’re working on finalizing pieces to reveal and launch. My guess is that it will be launched on Instagram and here first. There will be a website, but none of us is very keen on building one at the moment. 

So with this I want to welcome you to my new venture/experiment/endeavor. I try to be modest, but my brain always rushes ahead and I see fashion shows, a store (or several) and designing clothing from scratch. A success story I guess you could call it. Nothing to lose, so here we go! Here’s some pics of ongoing work…

My YouTube channel will be relaunched with videos of all of this too. There can’t be enough of Puma, right? 

Kisses, Puma