I’m at the clinic now to finally get my new boobs! Very exciting. I’m waiting for the surgeon to see me. The anesthesia Dr was just in and asked a few questions. The surgeon will draw his lines and make marks on me so I get an even pair. I don’t feel nervous. Everyone here is very nice and this is the 4th time I’m having a boob-job with this same surgeon. Will take pics and show you later 🙂

Finland was amazing! So much fun. Before becoming a US citizen I was a Finnish citizen. But born and raised in Sweden. Used to spend the summers in Finland when I was a kid. So I guess that’s why I get along so great with my fellow Finns! Pics from the shoot…

Then some rest before the party!

No cameras allowed at the Eyes Wide Shut party. It should’ve been called Eyes WILD Shut party. Luckily there was photographer that snapped some pics of my show so I’m waiting for them. The ones with clothes on that is hahahaaaa… Here is my outfit and mask!

So I’ve actually already had my surgery. Things went so fast. Wrote a few sentences on here and then it was time to get prepared for surgery. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. It’s gone really well and just a bit sore now. Wohoooo!!! Now waiting for food!

Kisses, Puma

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Vad sexig du är Johanna! Blir super sugen att ha maraton med dig! Tur för dig att jag inte var där! Jag älskar din ögon! De är magiska!
Kram Dennis


I hope the surgery goes well, I would love to be by your side and be your nurse


Thank you and there are too few male nurses 😉

XXX Puma

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