I tried a gym called Tribu two weeks ago. It focuses a lot on movement, but also has strength classes. I felt that I needed more mobility and a bit of change in my workout routine. On Mondays and Thursdays I do 2 classes back to back. First strength and then movement. So far I’m loving it, even though I’ve been sore pretty much after every class hahahaaa…

Checking for gains after. Didn’t find any 🙁

Checked off some work… Threw in a couple of pics from Colombia in the end too. I want that red chair so I can feel like I’m on a throne at home!

Shot some Psychonaut Explorer stuff too. I love this blue furry hat so much (that I bought in a vintage store), so I went Downtown and bought pink furry fabric. Hopefully the seamstress can make some pink ones too!

Working on some camouflage pants and I want to paint them. Slow going because I need the paint to dry inbetween, but got a flower done 🙂

So what did you do for Halloween? I didn’t manage to do anything. But yesterday, we went to see the Día de Muertos parade here. Very crowded and I love that in the middle of the crowds, you can always find someone cooking and serving something edible or drinkable 🙂

Here they make ‘ofrendas’ for the dead. It’s an altar, big or small, where you place pictures of the dead and their favorite food and drinks. This is so they can come over from the other side and visit us. I made one at home too. Saw this one someone put up by the park for their dogs and I love it.

Last Sunday I tried a new trail. Nothing hard and very relaxing. Best part of the outdoors is the coffee break!

The trail ended up by a monastery close to Boxque Teva. I’ve been here before, but explored a bit more this time and found this spot where people were relaxing and bbq’ing.

Hunter seems tired after his birthday celebration. He’s got a hard life…(not even remotely)…

Yesterday my birthday present to him arrived – a cat stroller! Haven’t had time to take pics of him in it yet, but he seems happy to be pushed around in it in the apartment. Will train at home first and then I hope I can bring him out on walks with me 🙂

Also saw a basketball game this week and the rest is just me out and about and showing off my cooking skills 🙂

This week I plan to get a lot of work done because the week after I’m off to a retreat 🙂 I have Botox booked, going to work on those gains and improve my moves in the gym, and then just go with whatever else happens 🙂

Laters, Puma

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Sounds like you had a great week! Hunter is one spoiled cat 😉


Halloween on kyl paras juhla… lasten kaa sitä opeteltu juhlii kun ei oo aikasemmin saatu oikeen mitään juhlia ollaan oltu jehovantodistajia… Nyt kun on siitä päästy eroon niin opeteltu joulun ja kaikien mahdollisten juhlienjuhlimista… Toi kuolleitten ois tosi tyylikäs…

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