Christmas Eve is finally here! It feels a bit weird celebrating Xmas and the sun is shining here in Mexico. In Sweden, where I usually spend my holiday’s, it’s pitch black outside by 3pm, cold and maybe some snow on the ground. How and where are you spending your holiday’s?

I’m cooking some beets now. Going to make a Swedish ‘rödbetssallad’ which is a beet salad that goes with the meatballs I’m going to make in a bit 🙂 Got my Spanish teacher Eliana coming over from Colombia today too and she’s going to make some Colombian specialties too. Tomorrow it will be more of a gringo celebration. I do think 24th of Dec is the proper day to celebrate! I mean, c’mon, I should know since Santa is from Korvatunturi in Finland and all 🙂

Here’s my Xmas pics and I wish you all the best for the Holiday’s!!!

Ho ho ho, Puma Swede

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I hope you’re having a cool time in Mexico. Once spent the Christmas/New Year thing at a great hot spring in Sonora – it looked like something the Romans had built.
And if you get to California, you should visit Saline Valley in Death Valley National Park. Best hot spring EVER, middle of nowhere, no clothes, few rules, great people.

So, Merry Wanna! Um, I mean Merry Christmas!
Don’t I?


Thank you and hope you’re enjoying your Holiday’s too 🙂 Thank you for the tip about Saline Valley!
Sounds amazing! I will look it up and put it on my list of places I want to visit asap!

All the best, Puma


God fortsättning på 2022! Hoppas du får ett kanonår!


Tack och onskar dig detsamma 🙂

Kram Puman


You are my goddess
Love you puma


Me encanta que hayas pasado navidad en latinoamerica es diferente que el emisferio norte yo soy de chile y mi navidad la pase con 34°C

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