How was your week? I started mine by turning a year older. I don’t feel it, but I feel like I look it 🙁 In panic I googled face lifts this week to see what options are out there hahahaaa…

I loved my crocodile birthday cake that I got!

Why settle with only cake when you can have donuts too! After all, it was my birthday!

My favorite gift to myself is this Ninja Grill! WOW, it’s amazing. So far I’ve grilled steaks and chicken in it and roasted potatoes and vegetables, all perfectly grilled and roasted! I really recommend this because it’s so easy and fast!!!

Not only did I celebrate my birthday this week, it was also Mexico’s Independence Day. A restaurant had a special menu with Mezcal and burgers for the holiday. We were required to be blindfolded to try to get the different flavors from the Mezcals. I only managed to get drunk hahahaaa… Oh, and the little crayfish looking things in my hand are river shrimps you snack on. Tasted like a river, so I washed it down with some more Mezcal 🙂

It was also about time to get my hair fixed. Got recommended this hair salon and they did a great job. Even though it looked like I had a head full of tampons at one point!

And in between celebrations and hair fixing, I did what I do pretty good 🙂 I don’t know why, but I never seem to get tired of being in front of the camera. In Swedish we call it ‘linslus’ and there’s no real translation, but literally it means ‘lens lice’, nice huh?

There are a bunch of expat WhatsApp groups you can join to get help or join activities. We signed up to go see Casa Organica by the architect Javier Senosiain Aguilar. What a place! One of the coolest houses I’ve been in, and I’d live there in a heartbeat!

It was designed to be one with nature, so it has soft and round forms with no sharp edges or corners. If you are in Mexico City, definitely book a tour here. More about this place here

On Sundays I try to plan my upcoming week a bit. What I want to do, have to do, and set some goals. I have a really exciting meeting on Tuesday with an incredible local photographer here. If everything goes as planned, we’re shooting a thing for a Swedish publication.

I’ve come to a realization that I’ve lately started to crave and eat a lot of sugar, sweets, and candy. Have to cut down and eat better and healthier foods. When I eat proper meals, I crave less sugar. Can anyone invent a healthy chocolate croissant with proteins, healthy fats, and no sugar please?

I also started updating my backup account on Instagram. This is more of a personal account with less sleaze and skin, and more everyday stuff. If you want to follow it’s @itsmepumaswede. I also cleaned up my Twitter account and will be focusing a bit more on art and NFT that I’m very interested in.

Work more on Pussitive and with that I leave you with a Pussitive vintage skirt and t-shirt 🙂

Do you have any goals for next week? Feel free to share and we can check up on each other in the end of this week 🙂

Kisses, Puma

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Happy birthday 🙂 great minds are born alike … my birthday today (21st September)

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