Rented a golf cart first on Sunday. There was some cats who wanted to tag along hahahaaa…

Drove straight to an awesome breakfast place called Rising Roost. Got greeted by this handsome fellow 🙂 Cats everywhere!

Then worked on a much needed tan. Started with La Chiva Beach. I think you can pretty much hit any beach on the island and you won’t be disappointed! If you want a cool swimsuit like me – check out @malibustrings on IG 🙂

On the same road there’s Caracas Beach. Just as great, just me in a different swimsuit hahahaaa… I guess you mostly see me, but take my word for that this beach is great!

Relaxed for a bit and then saw the sunset och Black Sand Beach. I’m so amazed that there’s barely any people around. Here you can run around naked with no one around 🙂 My type of place!

Lobster for dinner at restaurant Bili and drinks and churros at Blok hotel. Lobster was great, but I got to say the Mojitos were better and more chilled of an atmosphere at Robin’s 🙂

Could’ve stayed a couple more days easily. Love Vieques and recommend you go there!

Kisses, Puma

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You truly seem to live and enjoy life Puma! It’s great to see and I always look forward to your posts!



I try my best 🙂

XXX Puma

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