…if I wrote here that I’m going to Sweden in mid February. My plan is a quick trip to Bangkok with my sister, and then having surgery on March 3rd. I decided to change my breast implants after I talked to my doctor in December. Feels good to get it done and get possibly harmful implants out. Because I will be pretty immobile after surgery, I’m shooting a lot now so I can rest up after. Not sure if there is a fetish for boobs in bandage???

Here is me doing what I do pretty good – sleazing & teasing hahahaaa..

Since I liked my hair braided I went back and asked for a different version. Like 2.0. She is awesome! Before, during, and after.

Last night in the middle of cooking the power went off in the whole neighborhood. Got some reading done at least with my flashlight 🙂

Luckily power came back after like 40 minutes, and since I didn’t feel like making my steak anymore I ate pancakes. I tried the Russian pinecone jam and it was delicious! I’m guessing it’s 50% pinecones, 40% sugar, and 10% who knows, but anything with enough sugar is tasty!!!

Yesterday I hit the gym in the morning. Mostly body-weight work and some kettlebell stuff.

Masha came over and we took Nina for a walk on the beach. So relaxing!

Shot today, more than just my fabulous mirror selfies, and got my lashes done.

And here’s a couple of more pics from Vieques I missed. Check out the caterpillars on the tree. They turn into butterflies they told me. I was mostly fascinated, but a little bit grossed out because they were huge!

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Wishing you a great trip to Sweden & Bangkok with your sister. Your decision to advance the surgery is the Right Move( I speak from my own experience with a heart valve replacement operation in 2016). Your GREAT energy will surely help with your recuperation..All the best from France & Bon Voyage Puma !


Thank you Danny 🙂 Sending you sunny hugs from Puerto Rico to France 🙂

Hugs, Puma


So awesome pictures Puma. Where do you post them all? I mean, the rest of them?

Thank you, Ken


Thank you 🙂 Rest of the pics and videos go to http://www.onlyfans.com/pumaswede

XXX Puma


Ska du gå upp i storlek denna gång eller vad är planen? 🙂


Tja, yes, tanken ar lite storre 🙂 Mycket vill ha mer!

Kram Puman


Hope you have a great time in Sweden. There’s literally a fetish for everything. You might be able to charge top money for being bandaged up 😂


Hahahaaa, so true. I actually know there’s a fetish for casts. I was asked if I could put my whole leg in a cast for a video once. Too much work lol…

XXX Puma

I’d expect top money for all that hassle. I used to know a guy that was into that … he liked feet as well 😂

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