Came back this past Sunday from a 3 day hike up in Jämtland. WOW! Such beautiful nature and fresh air. I went with my sister and Karina. We took the night train on Wednesday evening and had our own ‘room’ with beds.

We arrived to our destination Thursday morning and a bus took us to the trail. All geared up and very eager to get going!

The trail started uphill and we realized pretty fast we need to stop put shorts on. Then we hiked on and took coffee breaks, lunch stop, reindeer watching and just taking in the beautiful views.

Add a couple of pee-stops. I felt I had a Kodak moment where I wanted to take a selfie. Karina felt like she had an other kind of moment in the background at the same time hahahaaaa….

The weather changed the whole day. It was cloudy, some rain, windy and later on we got sun. Found a perfect spot by a river for some Champagne and I went swimming. Or more like, got in – got out, of the water. Put a bikini on? F*ck no! Outdoors and nature require no such thing!

Hiked 16km to the lodge Sylarna, where we stayed overnight. Two course dinner with some drinks was a perfect ending to our first day.

Second day hike was 19km to Blåhammaren. The views along the way are incredible.

In the afternoon when the sun was shining I rinsed off in a river. Dried off on a rock like a mermaid lost in the mountains…

People bring all kinds of essentials for hiking. Our only essential was Champagne. My sisters face says it all hahahaaaa…

After the last kilometers being uphill we were happy to reach Blåhammaren lodge. Ate an amazing 3 course dinner with fish and reindeer, perfectly combined with wine pairing 🙂

Stretching is important… I also drew the shortest stick, so I slept on a mattress on the floor while Karina and my sis slept in a bunk bed. Thanks a lot guys!

3rd and last day the hike was 12km. It was colder, but as long as the Champagne didn’t freeze, no complaints hahahaaa…

In the afternoon the bus took us back to the train. Got pizza at the local spot before the train back. We devoured the pizza before the train even took off hahahaaaa…

And after sleeping on the train back to Stockholm, we arrived like a fresh bunch at 7am 🙂

We all agreed that this was a super fun trip together. We all wished it would’ve lasted a couple of more days. Highly recommend hiking Jämtlandstriangeln (the Jämtland Triangle). You don’t need any previous experience as the hikes are pretty easy. Only suggest to invest in a decent pair of hiking shoes, back pack and a jacket and pants that can handle rain and wind. Oh, and Champagne 😉

Check out my friend Karina’s travel blog too for more info –

Cheers, Puma

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Hi Puma, the pictures of your hike are great. I am impressed by the long hikes the 3 of you took-not short trips & bringing Champagne (Cheers !!). Love the picture of you eating pizza-totally focused ! Stay well & enjoy your vacation in Sweden. All the best from France.


You girls are awesome. Looks like such a great trip!



Thank you and it was an awesome trip 🙂 Now looking for more hikes…

XXX Puma

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