Did you start with a bang? I started hungover as f*ck and kind of felt disappointed at myself and wondering why I pretty much always overdo my celebrations. I somehow almost always feel that I could do juuust a liiittle more partying, peak a little higher and never feeling like I had enough. Well, I paid the price and was pretty immobile all of last Sunday.

I picked up my pace on Monday. I’ve been trying to get a Facebook account for Psychonaut Explorer and launch the shop function for FB & IG, and link them to my Shopify website. Easier said than done. So far it’s been countless emails to support, frustration, sometimes making small progress to then be stuck again. But I’m on it and my goal is to have it all running by the end of this month! Fingers, toes and body-parts crossed!

I met a new friend here. She saw my Psychonaut jackets and I’m making her a custom jacket. It will be so cool. Just some snippets of us trying patches on and positioning them…

I also got a new Spanish teacher so no mas Spanglish hahahaaa… Very nice guy from Colombia and I’m excited to improve my Spanish and hopefully be pretty fluent one day. That would mean I’m fluent in 4 languages. How many languages do you speak? I wish I knew Chinese. That would be badass!

Other than that I’ve been shooting…

Hit the gym too but then got a bit of flu or something and felt lethargic for a couple of days. Good thing there are great books and Hunter that never says no to keeping me company 🙂

My friend Dyana had a small get-together at her hair salon. I love when you meet new and interesting people. One hot chick owns a huge avocado farm. One was the head of cancer-treatments at a hospital. And I’m actually holding a virgin cocktail in this pic and proud that I’ve been smoke free for a week now! Wohoooo….

Now sitting at a cafe and later I’m doing some yoga at a friends house. I always forget to mention books that I’ve read and recommend. Will try to post a separate post about it this week. I’m always grateful if you have great reads to recommend and send them my way 🙂 Leave you with this pic of me exploring some super cool stuff in the VR!

Adiós y hasta luego!


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My New Year’s Eve was very quiet. My wife and I had spiked egg nog, watched some of the New Year’s Eve shows then went to sleep.
Good luck on the stopping smoking thing. It can be tough to do but I know you can do it.
Sorry you are having so much trouble getting your store up and running. It is getting hard to do simple things via the internet these days.
Glad you have a good Spanish teacher now. You’ll pick it up in no time.
Buena suerte y adios! xo



Är mina språk


I used to speak Spanish fairly well but, annoyingly, I’ve not used it in ages. So it’s fallen back into ‘mi espanol es no bueno’ territory.


I spent NYE on acid reading Burroughs, I sure you know of his writing (Naked Lunch, Cities of the Red Night, etc) I interviewed Burroughs at the Naropa Institute at Boulder University for the 25th anniversity of Kerouac’s On The Road, and it was a very esoteric conversation, as we both were on DMT at the time.
Burroughs had been experimenting with DMT, which he called yage, since the 1940s, wandering around south and central America, talking to shamans and tribal medicine men, looking for the Great Kick.
I wish I could coherently tell you about what is was like in California in the ’60s, before LSD was made illegal. It was a very interesting, very high time, and I think you really would have dug it…

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