It was a busy couple of weeks after coming back from Argentina and before going to LA. One of my favorite things after travelling is going back to the gym and getting a good sweat. Somehow I haven’t been dragging my a*s to a gym on my recent trips. For me working out is as much for my mental well being as physical health. I need to get the energy out or I’ll get feisty hahahaaa… Yeah, and I spilled coffee on me before the gym so it looks like I’m lactating something semi white πŸ˜‰

Then the hair needed fixing, claws sharpened, and put some lashes on…

The weekly pics and vids were made πŸ™‚

And catching up on cuddles with Hunter. Not really hard since when I say it’s nap time he comes and curls up on the couch with me. Or sleeps in the bed and with his back legs on the pillow hahahaaaa…

Then it was time to pack for LA. I usually don’t bring that much, because I end up shopping and bringing back an overweight suitcase πŸ™‚ Some stuff I can’t get here in Mexico and other things are expensive here so I stock up in LA πŸ™‚

Rented a car at LAX and I can really recommend this company called Kyte to rent from. Supersmooth. They pay for an Uber black from outside the terminal to their pickup location 10 min away. You don’t need to go to the Uber/Lyft location. Returned the car so early so no one was there, but no problem. Just take a picture of the car and jump into a paid Uber again.

Drove straight out to Palm Desert. The next day a friend of mine got married. Obviously I had scouted out a coffee spot to hit first thing in the morning. Priorities! The place is called Varraco and the coffee was superb!

That day they had some kind of Porsche meet-up at the coffee shop. I like Porches and it was great to see so many cool ones. If I’d get a Porsche it would be a GT of some kind πŸ™‚

The wedding started at 3pm. It was a beautiful ceremony and event. They’ve asked for guests to refrain from posting on social media. I only snapped a couple of myself because I thought my dress was awesome πŸ™‚

I stayed at a friends RV when in Palm Springs. I love RV’s and campers. I hope one day to make a longer trip in an RV and just drive, park in beautiful spots, and hike around. Maybe in Iceland? (just a little side note)

The day after the wedding I hit Varraco coffee again. Then went to check out this art installation… I wanted to hike a bit, but it was hot and decided to pack up and head out to LA… I really liked Palm Desert and will most likely come back!

It was great to see my sister, Sandy and her family. Always a lot of catching up. And now Sandy has a cat too and we decided it must be a relative to Hunter because they’re both soooo cute πŸ™‚

My sister and I spent Monday hitting the stores. I buy a lot of my patches, feathers, rhinestones etc in Downtown LA. My sister and I have similar taste and we had an all day spree… I had to sit down while my sister tries on the fifty-eleventh hoodie LOL…

The next day I hit a location with Sandy and took advantage of her makeup skills πŸ™‚

We hit some coffee spots too. One of my favorites is Dinosaur Coffee in Silver Lake where I used to live. Another one is Laidrey in the Valley.

Some more content being produced πŸ™‚

And when Sandy is not around to doll me up it looks like this hahahaaa…

It sucks that the week went by way too fast!!! But hopefully it’s not too long before I get to see everyone again. My sister brought me some chocolate from Sweden. A few missing because they’ve already been devoured πŸ™‚

Didn’t remember to take any pics, but if in LA and. you want delicious food, go to Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica. It was our last dinner with some friends and everything we ate was perfect. Super fresh and flavourful.

And then it was an 8am flight back to Mexico. I like having a whole day when I get back even though I took a 2h nap hahahaaa… My friend stayed here and watched Hunter while I was gone. I hope he still was happy to see me. He looks more confused staring at me?!?

Been very tired this weekend, but hope I’ll be good tomorrow, hit the gym, and be back on track πŸ™‚

Catch ya’ later πŸ™‚

XXX Puma

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Great adventures, Puma! Loved the dress you wore at the wedding!
Hunter is such a spoiled boy! And the other kitty was quite adorable too.
Have a good week!


Dobbeli on parasta… You was in my dream last πŸŒƒ ght…


No, laheta nyt vahan Tuplaa por favor πŸ™‚ Toivottavasti ei ollut painiaiset hahahaa…

XXX Puma

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